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What are bells made out of?

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Brass mostly, sometimes silver.

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What is a bells made out of?

bells are made out of cast iron

What type of metal are most bells made of?

Bells are usually made of cast metal such as brass and iron, but small bells can also be made from ceramic or glass.

What is the santa Barbara mission known for?

it is known by its 11 bells originally 2 bells turned into 8 bells in 1833 and made into 11 bells

Why are bells made of metals an not from wood?

bells are made up of metals because to ring the bell very loud , if bells were made up of wood it would not possible for ring to bell very loud.

What metal are bells made of?

Temple bells are made of metals because all metals are sound producer (SONOROUS) in nature.

Why are bells made of bronze?

cos they are...

What did Paul Revere make when he was a silversmith?

He made bells (church bells), also silverware,etc...

What are tradditional church bells made out of?

Traditional church bells are made from a mixture of around 80% copper to 20% tin. The properties of these metals insure that the bells will not rust and will take a long time to be affected by weathering.

Why are metals or alloys used for making bells?

Most bells are made from bronze: copper with 23 % tin.

What metal are bells made from?

cheese cubes

What are the big ben bells made of?

Tin and copper

What material was bells telephone made from?

wood and steel

What did peter do to Russia's church bells?

He made cannons out of them.

Where were the bells at mission San Diego De Alcala made?

they were made near the church

What is the sound made by a tiny bell?

small bells 'tinkle'.

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What is the sound made by the bells on a sleigh?

Jingle, jingle, jingle.

What are the different types of bells?

There are butler bells, cow bells, electric bells, ice cream truck bells, school bells, alarm bells, wedding bells, jingle bells, silver bells, ambulance bells, church bells, death bells, funeral bells. I can not think of anything else. Oh wait, when you get an idea, you get a lightbulb in your held and a bell ringing in the background.

Why are bells made of metal and not from wood?

Bells are not made from wood because they aren't sonorous. But metals are sonorous.SonorousMost metals produce a ringing sound when struck, that is, they are sonorous. Nonmetals are not sonorous.

Why should bells be made for blue pigeons?

In earlier days blue pigeons used to bring and take messages. So, bells were tied to their feet so that their owners could identify them from the bells tied on their feet.

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What is the collective noun for bells?

The collective nouns for bells are:a peal of bellsa carillon of bellsa change of bellsA carillon is a set of tuned bells operated from a keyboard.

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What instruments did Africans make?

Africans made bells, drums, and rattles.