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What are benefits of having good cardiovascular fitness?

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Burning calories Can raise metabolic rate and decrease risk of cardiovascular disease

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Is bowling good for cardiovascular fitness?


What are some of the health benefits of muscle fitness?

General fitness, including muscle fitness, have great health benefits. Having healthy muscles promotes good health, seeing as if your muscles are toned and in good shape, it usually increases your own strength.

Define cardiovascular fitness-?

Cardiovascular fitness is exercise that stimulates the heart and the lungs. The heart and lungs supply oxygen-rich blood to muscles and tissues throughout the body, so it is important to have good cardiovascular fitness to to produce energy. Great cardiovascular exercises include: Stair climbing Cycling Running Treadmill Rowing Swimming Kickboxing Zumba

How does biking benefit fitness?

Bicycling is a good way to get some exercise, which benefits fitness.

What is a good sport to play to improve youre Cardiovascular Fitness?

racketball is good as it is anaerobic also jogging helps

Why do you have to strive for a good level of physical fitness?

According to the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) regular physical activity can provide benefits in the following ways: 1. Improvement in Cardiovascular and Respiratory Function. -...

How is oxygen related to developing cardiovascular fitness?

Cardiovascular fitness is basically the measure of how well your cardiovascular system is delivering oxygen to your muscles. A person who has good cardiovascular fitness processes oxygen more efficiently, therefore needing to breathe less frequently. When athletes are receiving pure oxygen on the sidelines they are speeding up the recovery process, being that the air we breathe is less than 30% oxygen.

What fitness components must you have in ice hockey?

There are a number of fitness components necessary for hockey. Some of these include good cardiovascular endurance, speed, as well as good control of the stick and puck.

What do football coches look for?

They are looking for good cardiovascular fitness levels. Also Agility hard working.

What are the benefits derived from physical activity?

fitness and good body structure

Is dance a good exercise?

Yes, dancing is great for improving cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and strength. You can do it for fun or competitively.

What is the fitness benefits of cyclling?

Gives you a good aerobic and low-impact workout.

Cardio vascular fitness?

Cardiovascular fitness involves keeping the heart and circulatory system healthy. Walking on a treadmill, eating right, and taking medication as prescribed is a good idea.

Benefits of having a social contract?

benefits of having a social contract ? and what are 5 reasons why the social contracts are good

What are the main benefits of walking?

The benefits of walking are good health, especially reduced incidence of obesity and its related ailments an illnesses as well as strong cardiovascular health.

Is karate a part of fitness?

Karate can certainly be a part of fitness. It provides good stretching and muscle work, toning the body. It also can be very cardiovascular intensive as well as teaching self-control and speed.

Why is walking good for the heart?

It keeps the body fit and can help maintain a high level of cardiovascular fitness which over time will strenghten the heart

Definition of five components of physical fitness?

I think you mean the five types of wellness and those are intellectual fitness emotional fitness social fitness spiritual fitness and physical fitness. Intellectual fitness- being creative and open to new ideas Emotional Fitness- how well you handle stress Social Fitness: being able to interact with others Physical fitness- being in good shape and having good health

Two important benEfits of a regular program of physical activity?

There are many benefits of having a regular fitness routine. Regular exercise helps to maintain good blood flow and heart stimulation. Regular physical activity is also good for your overall morale as it excretes endorphins into your system, helping to improve your mood.

Why is running or jogging a good aerobic exercise?

Running or jogging offers many health benefits, running can: *help to build strong bones as it is a weight bearing exercise *strengthen muscles *improves cardiovascular fitness *burn plenty of kilo joules *helps to maintain healthy weights

Is kickboxing a good thing to incorporate into your fitness routine?

Kickboxing is one of the best cardiovascular exercises out on the market today. The constant movement combined with weight training to build strength provides an excelletn addition to any fitness routine.

Name a circus performer who needs to be in good physical shape?

Trapeze artist!An aerial acrobat needs to be in good shape. This means that excellent cardiovascular fitness would be required.trapeze artist

What are benefits of improved cardio-respiratory fitness?

As you become more fit, your heart has to work less and that is good. Higher fitness decreases chances of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

How do you get my mum to get me a humster?

Tell her all of the good benefits of having a hamster.

Why soccer is a good sport to play?

Cardiovascular fitness. Rapid nonstop game play. Dynamic player structuring and interplay on field. High degree of competition. FUN

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