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Cost Effectiveness



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A computerized system is a system that is automated. With computerized systems, businesses are able to increase their productivity and efficiency.

significance of the study - computerized library system

A manual payroll system is performed entirely by hand. A computerized payroll system allows a company to process its payroll via dedicated payroll software. A manual system can result in payroll errors and is usually a slow, laborious process; a computerized system helps to reduce errors and speeds up the process. Computerized payroll systems boast a number of other advantages as well.

Which permit the use of a network that allows on-line communication with the central registration office.

Introduction of computerized criminal investigation system

A computerized system can handle more data compared to a manual system. A computerized system can also recall the data quicker than using a manual system.

automated system is no human can handle and computerized system it will be used by human

compare between computerized recording and manul recording

what is the flow of data in a computerized accounting information system

The computerized accounting system refers to the organized set of computerized procedures and methods used by businesses to record their financial information.

Advantage and disadvantage of Using a Computerized Account System

what are some attributes of computerized accounting

With a computerized accounting system you have to secure your information. This is an extra cost for the business that can be avoided with a manual system.

A computerized accounting system can have faults embedded into the software. These problems can lead to inaccurate calculations for the business.

The advantages of a computerized system are many. It is quick and easy to calculate items. A downside is always when the computer fails.

What are the Computerized registration system

I think the advantages of computerized system are: 1. It uses electricity. 2. It helps us to be lazy. 3. Sometimes it has a problem. 4. Computerized database are sometimes has an error. But for me, computerized system is better than manual database. ^_^

computerized enrollment system is now used by the universities, colleges and other stablishments. Therefore, computerized enrollment system is very useful fo both the firm and students because it rather give an effective and efficient approach for both the students and schools.

Computerized Accounting System or CAS pertains to an integrated system that creates automated book of accounts and computerized accounting records and documents. Compared to manual accounting, CAS saves more time and is not prone to human error.

it a library in computer!

The primary disadvantage of a computerized payroll system is human error. A computer is only as good as the person inputting the information.

a computerized Library "card catalog"a store inventory control systeman employee payroll systemsocial security's income & benefits check tracking systemIRS tax return records systemcensus bureau statistics filesetc.

Computerized payroll systems are much faster and easier compared to the manual processing...... Also quick and accurate answers are produced by the computerized software

are there any disadvantages to using computerized expense processing system? explain your answer.

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