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The blood that is shed during the menstrual cycle manifests itself as vaginal bleeding during a woman's menstrual cycle. It's part of the process of shedding the uterine lining, and can consist not only of blood, but also tissue.

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Q: What are bleeding manifestations of the menstrual cycle?
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What causes bleeding outside menstrual cycle?

Various things can happen to cause bleeding outside of the menstrual cycle. For example, it is possible for sex to cause bleeding.

What does the menstrual cycle start with?

The menstrual cycle starts with menstruation. The firswt day of your menstrual cycle is considered to be the first day of true bleeding during your menstrual phase.

Do you still get a menstrual cycle when on the implanon?

The contraceptive implant prevents the normal menstrual cycle. Some women have irregular bleeding, and others have no bleeding at all.

What happens during the proliferative phase of the female menstrual cycle?

menstrual bleeding

If the length of menstrual bleeding is 7 days after menstrual cycle is that normal?

If you're asking if its normal to have a 7 day menstrual cycle the answer is yes.

What is the role of pregnancy on the menstrual cycle?

When you become pregnant, your menstrual cycle is delayed for next ten periods. That means you will not get menstrual bleeding till delivery.

What is called when spotting or bleeding between menstrual cycle?


Can you get pregnant while on your Menstrual cycle on the Mrena IUD?

You don't have a normal "menstrual cycle" when on Mirena, although you may have vaginal bleeding. Pregnancy with Mirena is unlikely whether or not you are bleeding.

How long does menopause bleeding last?

Menopause is the ending of the menstrual/ fertility cycle in women, there is NO bleeding.

What is the medical term meaning uterine bleeding between the menstrual cycle?

Metrorrhagia or intermenstrual bleeding.

How do the estrous and menstrual cycles compare?

Endometrial bleeding occurs during the menstrual cycle. The endometrium is reabsorbed by the uterus during the estrous cycle.

How can you tell if you have started your menstrual cycle?

You begin spotting and/or bleeding from your vagina.

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