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Q: What are brown spots under breasts?
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Related questions

What are the brown spots of dead skin under your breasts?

im really sorry to hear that... they are cancerous lumps called mellenomas you will need to go and see a doctor straight away to get them removed

How can you clean brown spots on vinyl floor covering?

Depending on what caused the brown spots, usually mineral sprits will remove most spots without damaging the surface. if the spots are under the wear layer then you may have moisture under it. If its under a rubber backed throw rug, then the surface is stained and I'm not sure that there is a cure for that. Try the mineral sprits and see if that helps.

What is a brown spider with white spots?

A brown spider with white spots is a brown spider with white spots.

What are the dark spots under your tongue?

i have found an elevated brown spot under the right side of my tongue should I worry.

I have 4 light brown spots under my arm. They are circular are not raised don't cause me any discomfort and I wouldn't have noticed them at all had they not been new. What are they?

Four light brown spots under your arm could just be sun spots from being in the sun. However they could be cancerous if they grow, become raised, or become darker.

If you have brown spots on your tongue what does that mean?

My dentist noticed I had brown spots on my tongue. Pictures were taken and i was asked to return in 2 weeks. What do the brown spots indicate?

Are giraffes orange with brown spots or brown with orange spots?

Which ever way you look at it you are most likely correct. Usually what i see is they are tan with brown spots.

Is a giraffe yellow with brown spots or brown with yellow spots?

actually both

Do some dalmatians have brown spots?

Yes some dalmatians have brown spots

What causes brown spots on men?

The most common cause of brown spots is sunburn. Brown spots from sunburn usually appear on the part of skin that are exposed to the sun, such as the arms and face.

Why are there brown spots in your eyes?

if it is only you that has these brown spots i would go see a doctor :)

What if your crab legs have brown spots on the legs?

It is most likely not to have brown spots but if it does do not eat it.

Brown spots in lawn?

There are a number of reasons why you might have brown spots on your lawn. Your mower blades should be dull. You might also have grubs or beetles causing the brown spots on your lawn.

What breed of dog has brown spots on his chest?

Dalmations have black or brown spots covering their body

White dog with brown spots?

Some Great Danes are white with brown spots. A beagle is another type of dog that can be white and have brown spots. A third type is the Jack Russell Terrier.

What color is scooby-doo?

brown with black spots

What breed of dog has wiry white hair with brown spots?

A pbgv can be white with brown or gray spots.

What are small brown spots on lower legs?

Small brown spots on lower legs could be freckles.

How does a giraffe's fur coat look like?

A light brown under the Dark big spots all over its body.

What birds lay white eggs with brown spots?

A killdeer lays these eggs but they can sometimes be blue with brown spots

What bird has spots on its wings?

The Brown bird with white spots.

Is Scooby Doo light brown or brown?

both his spots are brown and he is light brown

What makes you get spots on your face?

What color, brown? White? Red? Each has a different cause and a different cure. Brown spots are caused from the sun. We are not born with brown spots and we get our first one with our first sunburn.

What colors are ocelots?

Ocelots are a light shade of brown with black spots down the back and around the body and they have white spots on the back of their ears. they have a black line under their eyes and are similar in appearance to the cheetah.

What animal lays big white eggs with brown spots?

Turkeys lay big white eggs with brown spots on them.