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information on bullfrogs in Iowa like there danger?

or preditois?

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What are the behavioral adaptations of a bullfrog?

Mating, growing, dying to make food for flies for food for other bullfrogs

Are bullfrogs poisonous?

bullfrogs are not poisonous but some bullfrogs out the outline of america are

Why are bullfrogs are named bullfrogs?

bullfrogs are named for their deep "cries" that they make

Are bullfrogs dangerous?

Bullfrogs are not dangerous to humans.

Are bullfrogs carnivorous?

Yes, bullfrogs are carnivorous.

Are bullfrogs amphibians?

Yes, bullfrogs are amphibians.

Do bullfrogs have a brain?

Yes bullfrogs do have brains

How long do bullfrogs sleep?

Bullfrogs never sleep.

What is the bullfrogs niche?

the bullfrogs place in the food chain.

What eat bullfrogs?

some bullfrogs are poisonous, but dogs, cats, snakes, alligators, and sometimes other bullfrogs eat them.

Are bullfrogs extinct?

No, Bullfrogs are quite abundant; and in no danger of extinction.

When was Toledo Bullfrogs created?

Toledo Bullfrogs was created in 2008.

When did Anaheim Bullfrogs end?

Anaheim Bullfrogs ended in 1999.

When was Anaheim Bullfrogs created?

Anaheim Bullfrogs was created in 1993.

Are bullfrogs smart?

Yes bullfrogs are smart in unique way.

What does a bullfrog eat?

Bullfrogs eat Insects, small fish, snakes, and even frogs. Bullfrogs will even eat smaller bullfrogs.

How do bullfrogs move?

Bullfrogs move around by taking short jumps.

Do you have pictures of tadpole bullfrogs?

You can find images of bullfrogs on wikimedia commons.

What kind of bugs do bullfrogs eat?

bullfrogs will eat anything that will fit into their mouth

Do bullfrogs eat lilly pads?

No, bullfrogs are carnivores. They eat worms and insects.

Do bullfrogs lay live young or eggs?

Bullfrogs lay a spawn of eggs.

What do bullfrogs live in?

Bullfrogs prefer to live near water. And in warm climates.

Are bullfrogs still in England?

No but America is the most popular country bullfrogs live in

What kills a bullfrog?

Things that can kill bullfrogs include pesticides and snake repellent. These things are used to remove bullfrogs. Humans also kill bullfrogs for food.

Why don't bullfrogs sleep?

Bullfrogs do sleep. They sleep underground from 2- 4 weeks.

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