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catapults are basically used for soccer and futbol

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Q: What are catapults used for today?
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Are catapults used today?

Hand held catapults are certainly used today. A good example would be by a carp angler.

How are catapults in use today?

Catapults are used to today for fun contests like "pumpkin chunking" which includes the tossing of a pumpkin via catapult. Catapults are also used on aircraft carriers to launch planes.

How are catapults used today?

people play with them,also they can launch airplanes.

Are catapults still used today?

Technically no, but some are still around and are not used,but then again some are used at festivals. This is true but people today make and use little catapults still, but for fun and in science fair projects like me.

Who were catapults used by?

The Catapults were used by the medieval Greeks and Romans.

Where are catapults still used today?

In rural America here, we use them to throw pumpkins!

What were catapults used for in W W 2?

Catapults were not used in WW2

Did the Greeks use catapults?

Yes. They have used the catapults.

What were 2 wars catapults used in?

The catapults have been used in many wars

When were catapults used?

Some catapults were used in the middle ages to try and get into Medieval Castles. The Romans had catapults. I had a hand catapult when I was a youngster.

What is a catapult used for today?

Catapults are used by anglers when coarse fishing to 'catapult' their bait to the area of river or lake they are trying to catch a fish. Catapults are used to propel aircraft into the air from aircraft carrier ship decks Catapults are used for dropping bombs from boats on submarines, to propel aircrafts into the air from aircraft carriers, and for fun. Kids like to hurl water balloons at each other using catapults.

What did the ancient Greeks use catapults for?

they used these catapults for war and destruction!

When did catapults stop being used?

The last time catapults were used on a large scale was during WW1. The soldiers would use catapults to launch grenades into enemies lines.

What were catapults used for in medieval times?

Catapults were used to throw rocks and heavy items to break down walls of a castle.

How has the catapult affected society?

There are many ways a catapult has affected society. most of our modern day war machines even guns could be considered as catapults. catapults are still used today on aircraft carriers to lurnch jets. Many old cranes could have even been designed from catapults.

When did catapults first get used?

in Scotland

When where catapults used?

at medieval times

How were catapults used in Medieval Times?

catapults were used to keep there castles safe and attack the enemy from far distances heavy bolders

What did ancient egyptians use to make catapults?

They didn't. Catapults and balista's were first used in the roman empire.

Why were catapults built?

Catapults were built for infiltration of reinforced areas. also used for terrifying citizens during a siege

Who used the Catapults?

The Romans first invented them,

What weapons were used to attack castles?


Why were catapults used?

they were used to defend before stronger weapons

How were catapults used during the Renaissance?

The advent of gunpowder and cannons during the Renaissance led to a disuse of catapults for military purposes.

What do catapults launch?

Historically, catapults were mainly used to throw large rocks. They can throw lots of other things, too.