What are cell organelles which convert light energy into sugar called?


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Chloroplasts in plant cells use the energy in light to produce sugar.

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Chloroplasts convert light energy to food during photosynthesis in plants.

Chloroplasts in plants, they convert light energy and store it as sugar (sucrose).

The chloroplasts are the organelles in the plant cell that drives photosynthesis. The main role of the chloroplast is to convert light energy into usable chemical energy in the form of complex sugars.

chloroplast uses the sun's light (radiant) energy to convert carbon dioxide and water into sugarcalled glucoseorganelles that enable plants and certain algae to convert solar energy

chloroplasts ^yes, organelles called chloroplasts which contain a green pigment named chlorophyl. Chloroplasts undergo photosynthesis, in which light excites electrons in photoreceptors and their energy is used to convert CO2 and H2O into O2 and Glucose (C6H12O6)

That is light energy. Process is called photosynthesis

Plant cells contain organelles called chloroplasts that form the epicentre of the photosynthetic process. These organelles contain a pigment called chlorophyll that aid in this process. Plants use this process to convert energy absorbed from light to chemical energy which can be used for growth and a variety of other cellular processes. Animals on the other hand, do not have cells containing chloroplasts. They have organelles called mitochondria that produce energy.

The LIGHT-DEPENDENT REACTIONS convert light energy into chemical energy.

Plants convert energy in a process known as photosynthesis. This occurs in organelles called chloroplasts, which contain chlorophyll. The absorption of light by chlorophyll allows for the creation of biochemical fuel and ATP by the plant cells.

Chlorophyll traps light energy.Chloroplast houses chlorophyll pigments.

They get their energy by a process called Photosynthesis in which they have special organells that convert light into energy

because chloroplasts are organelles that capture the energy from sun light and convert it into chemical energy in a process call photosynthesis. and animals cant do that.

Xerox machines do not convert light energy into sound.

All plants convert light energy into chemical energy through photosynthesis.

Plants contain organelles, or tiny things in their cells that do work, called chloroplasts. These chloroplasts contain thylakoids, which convert light energy into chemical energy. Please refer to the related link for more information:

Plants have specialized organelles in their cells called chloroplasts that perform photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process that takes light energy from the sun and binds that energy into glucose.

Light energy from the Sun converts into thermal energy

Flashlights convert electric energy to light energy and heat energy.

PV cells convert light energy into electrical energy.

Chloroplast convert light energy. Mitochondria convert chemical energy itself

The chlorophyll, that is present in the cell organelles called chloroplasts, captures light energy from the sun.

I don't believe that it is possible to convert light energy to nuclear energy. Both solar energy (source natural light) and nuclear energy are primary energy sources.

They convert light into chemical energy.

In simple words a plant absorbs sunlight through their leaves.The leaf cells (mainly palisade cells in the palisade layer in the mesophyll layer) contain organelles called chloroplasts which have a pigment called chlorophyll. That chlorophyll absorbs light energy from the sun and convert it into chemical energy.

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