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Jewish prophets do not have any distinct characteristics. They are simply people through whom HaShem (The Creator) communicates.


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Isaiah is a Jewish prophet.

Moses is the most important Jewish prophet

The prophet Abraham is a Jewish prophet , called the father of the Jewish nation. He had a son called Isaac when he was a hundred years.

yes, it is a Jewish name. he was a Jewish prophet.

Moses is the first prophet in the bible.

No, he was a Jewish prophet.

No, it's a Jewish name. He was a Jewish prophet.

The greatest Jewish prophet was Moses. According to Jewish beliefs, there were no greater prophets, nor will there be (Deuteronomy ch.34).

The Hebrew word for prophet is: Navi (nah-vee)

No. Muhammad is the name of the founding prophet of Islam. The Founding Prophet in Judaism is Moses.

NO. He is not the only Jewish prophet or considered to be the first Jewish prophet (by Jews). However, Jews consider him to be the most important prophet because of his (1) closeness to God, (2) his actions in leading the Jewish people out of Egypt and slavery, and (3) his delivery of the Divine Law, which religious Jews still follow to this day.

Faithfulness, Courageous, and Inspiration

According to Jewish tradition, yes.

a priest,prophet and a judge correct or not?

Because she was a convert to Judaism; and her book was, according to tradition, written by Samuel, a Jewish prophet.

The prophet Abraham was the first Jew.

Yes. Jeremiah was an Israelite prophet of the Tribe of Levi.

When a Jewish woman gave him a sheep poisoned and was that poison is the disease, who died by the Prophet peace be upon him

Moses is the most important Jewish prophet (Numbers ch.12, Deuteronomy ch.34).

The Tanach (Jewish Bible) includes the Jewish prophets, it does not include the prophets of other religions.

A jewish person could be declared unclean in Islam due to the things they did during the time of Holy Prophet(P.B.U.H). like the jewish tribe of Banu Nazir kept on plotting against the Prophet and joined the Quraish to finish him.

A judge decides the innocence or guilt of others.A prophet foresees the future, and tries to explain what events are going to happen in the future.Samuel served as both Judge and prophet as well as priest.Jewish AnswerAccording to Judaism, a prophet is any person through whom HaShem communicates. The modern definition of prophet foretelling the future is not the Jewish definition although a prophet could provide information related to the future. A Judge is a person who sits in court and judges legal cases.D'vorah was the only person in Jewish history who was both a prophet and judge. She was also a leader and warrior.

Samuel was a Jewish prophet from the old testament.

Abraham lived in Haran, and he is the father of the Jewish people.

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