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What are cheat codes for Grand Theft Auto Liberty City for PS2?


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September 13, 2011 6:06PM

Liberty city codes for Ps2

Weapons:up, 0,0,down ,left,0,0,right where it says 0=circle where it telle you to putn the symbols in use circle square,and x


Liberty city codes for Ps2

Weapons#1-- up ,square(2), down ,left ,square(2) ,right

Weapons#2-- up ,circle(2) ,down, left,circle(2) ,right

Weapons#3--up ,X,X,down,left,X,X,right

Never Wanted-- L1,L1,TRIANGLE,R1,R1,X,square,O



Cars swim--O,X,DOWN,O,X,UP,L1,L1

I know only these codes,but i know to many codes for gta san Andreas ps2

From aragot.