Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

What are cheats for gta sa?

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See Related Link for a list of cheats.

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How do you get a Lamborghini on Gta sa?

with the cheats

What are the gta sa gravity cheats?


Where is a website that is not blocked that you can find Grand Theft Auto san Andreas cheats?

If u cant find gta sa cheats Go to gta sa cheats ps2 ,ps3 ,pc,psp

What are some GTA SA PS2 cheats?

See Related Link for a list of cheats.

What are some cool cheats for gta sa?

yo mama

How do you beat gta sa real quick?

Use cheats.

What is the cheat code of animals in gta sa mp for PC?


Where do you get cheats on GTASA?

u can get cheats for gta sa on cheatplanet or cheat happens and other cheat websites.

PC cheats for hummer in gta san Andreas?

find the gta sa andreas hummer mod pack

Is there pimpmyride in GTAiv?

No,GTA SA cheats work only in that game,GTA 3 cheats work only in that game,and Vice City cheats only work in Vice City,etc.

What cheats do you use to finish gta sa on xbox?

you cant get a cheat! dumbo

What is the cheat for a UFO for gta sa on ps2?

There are no cheats to get an UFO, you need to have an mod for that.

Cheat for to finish all mission on Xbox gta sa?

No, but you can use cheats to BEAT the missions No, but you can use cheats to BEAT the missions

Cheats for gta sa?

go to and search for grand theft auto san Andreas

What is the cheat to be Superman in gta sa?

There is no such single cheat but by putting multiple cheats you can make it possible

Grand Theft Auto sa car mods cheat on ps2?

You can't get mods on ps2, but there are cheats. So if you look up GTA SA cheats, then there might be a car cheat.

All the cheat codes for cars in ps2 Grand Theft Auto sa?

search gta sa cheats then look for car catagorie.

Is GTA 4 cheats the same as GTA gay tony cheats?

the cheats are different

What is one website that has decrease gravity cheats for gta sa ps2? and

What cheat of GTAsa ps2?

we are not sure ,so just shut up! just check out the cheats on youtube plz search: gta sa ps2 cheats

Can i change character in GTA SA PS2?

no it only works on PC not ps2 i think theres some cheats

Grand Theft Auto Punjab cheats are same as Grand Theft Auto Vice City?

No but they are same as gta sa

Are there cheats for missions in gta sa ps2?

yes i have your answers if u want my answer here is my email

Cheats for gta sa on ps2?

triangle triangle squre o x l1 l1 down up hydra

Where are gta xbox cheats?