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There aren't any, fagola. Unless if you count ALT+F4, then there's generally none.

No, that response is not true, there are MANY cheats for the game. I don't know what they are though. There are also things called "hacks" which are little plug-ins that you insert somewhere in the program's files. Sorry I can't help you more!

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What are the cheats of commando assault?


Are there any cheats for sas zombie assault?

sorry, there isn't any cheats for zombie assault 2. but you can hack it with cheat engine

Are there any cheats in the dungeon assault video game?

No, there are none in the game of dungeon assault.

How do you publish your own assault cube map?


Sas zombie assault cheats?

sorry theres not

How do out in cheats for sas zombie assault?

No, i dont think there is

What are the cheats for commando assault?

ping pang pom

What cheats are there for sas zombie assault 3?

Sadly Not :(

How do you play Assault Cube on a Mac?

To play Assault Cube on a Mac you should download the Mac version of the game from the website (See links below) and then read the extensive instructions.

Sas zombie assault 2 help cheats?

srry no

How do you get ghost in Star Wars ace assault?

press 800 in cheats

Cheats for Star Wars ace assault?

222=upgraded boost

What are the cheat codes for commando assault?

i dont know cheats but know the rating

How do you zoom whit the sniper in assault cube?

Well, you zoom with the assigned key for the option.

How do you go to menu on assault cube?

hit escape JOIN clan ASCB be tested by Eloc

How do you input cheats in spectrobes?

after getting a special cube you can use the card input machine

What is the cheat code for all of the costumes for Ultimate Spider-man on game-cube?

Sorry, but there aren't any cheats for unlockin all costume.

What are some cheats for mechquest?

get a free mecha go to mecha assault keep battling and you get a free mecha

What is a sight has orc assault cheats?

there are none as sadly ninja kiwi will sue anyone who tries to hack it...

Does sas zombie assault 2 insane asylum have any cheats?

First Answer : actually at you can find it with cheats already in so there's your answer and first guy who answered you are wrong.

Are there any cheats for sas zombie assault 3?

there is absolutely no cheats in sas zombie assault 3 as far as im aware. if you want better gaming get some mochipoints and buy better guns (i got the browling) and pick up the bounuses in every wave. EDIT JUST GRAB A GUN IN THE BONUS BOX AND THEN EQUIP THE GUN AT THE LAST ROUND AND THERE YOU HAVE IT ITS NOT REALY A CHEAT BUT AT LEAST YOU WONT HAVE TO PAY FOR AMMO ^^what cheats a sas zombie assault 3

What are the cheats codes for zombie assault 3?

to stay alive forever you press ctrl shift alt 456

How do you turn off cheats on simpsons hit and run?

with game cube you just go back to the menu

How do you save map on assault cube?

pretend u want the map called "jewburger". so type in : /savemap ac_jewburger.

What are the character cheats for the Lego Star Wars game Ace assault?

235=sith shuttle 694=v-wing