What are chem-trails and are they used in the US to the detriment of health to people that live there?

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Chem trails are a conspiracy theory stating that long lasting trails left in the sky by high flying aircraft are actually chemical or biological agents used to control weather and harm people.
Well, the jury is still out--literally, as one may join any of several class-action lawsuits on the matter--but elevated levels of aluminum, barium, and other metals in standing water does not bode well for the health of those being sprayed with these.
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our health- except some people living in the North of England who often use 'us' for 'our'. e.g 'us house' or 'us team'.

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In large quantities yes. It can contribute to early death, heart disease, liver failure, kidney failure, respiratory depression, and gastric catastrophe amongst other things. Studies however have shown that small amounts of alcohol can be advantageous to health, particularly red wines.

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Well...the U.S has always been considered one of the best places for immigrants to become citizens. This shows with the amount of Italians, Germans, Jews, Indians, etc...that live in our country. The United States is often referred to as the melting pot.

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