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What are cirrus clouds?

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Cirrus clouds are thin, white clouds that have a wispy, feathery appearance. They form at heights of 25,000 feet or more. They are composed of tiny ice crystals, and are associated with fair or pleasant weather. They have a hair-like appearance, and the curled-up ends are very common features.

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What clouds are the opposite of cirrus?

There are three types of clouds; cirrus, stratus and cumulus. Cirrus clouds are curly looking while stratus clouds are flat or layered. The cumulus clouds are the largest, and most opposite to the cirrus clouds.

How do you use cirrus in a sentence?

cirrus clouds are clouds that are in the sky.

Are cirrus clouds low or high?

Cirrus clouds are at a high altitude.

How many syllables does cirrus clouds have?

Cirrus clouds is 3 syllables. Cir-rus clouds.

Why are cirrus clouds rain clouds?

Cirrus clouds are not rain clouds; they are the high wispy clouds that you sometimes see on a clear day.

Are cirrus clouds fluffy?

No. Cumulus clouds are puffy. cirrus clouds are the clouds that are white and wispy that are usually the highest in the sky.

Is a cirrus a high or low cloud?

Cirrus clouds are high-altitude clouds.

Which form at higher altitudes-cirrus clouds or stratus clouds?


Do cirrus clouds make rain or snow?

Cirrus clouds don't precipitate.

Do thunderstorms come from cirrus clouds?

Thunderstorms can come from cirrus clouds. Large numbers of cirrus clouds is a sign that a frontal system is approaching the area.

Do you have any new information about cirrus clouds?

cirrus clouds are the most highest clouds and the most common

What clouds are thin?

cirrus clouds

How do cirrus clouds get there name?

Cirrus: It's Latin for "curl." Cirrus clouds look like curls of white hair.

Do cirrus clouds produce sleet?

Cirrus clouds do not produce precipitation at all.

Cirrus clouds are made of ice crystals?


What are facts about cirrus clouds?

Cirrus cloyds are clouds that are thin and wispy! They are found high in the sky.

What kind of front follows cirrus clouds?

Cirrus clouds are followed by an approaching warm front.

What clouds are higher than cirrus clouds?

there is no other cloud higher than a cirrus cloud

What kind of weather will you have with a cirrus clouds?

cirrus clouds mean usually fair (good) weather

Is the Cirrus cloud highest in the Earth's atmosphere?

That's right, cirrus clouds are the highest clouds.

What clouds bring snow?

Cirrus clouds.

What are the names of high clouds?

cirrus clouds

What are grey clouds called?

cirrus clouds

Name two clouds?

Cirrus Clouds Cumulus Clouds

What clouds form above 6000 meters cirrus or stratus?

cirrus clouds are above 6000 meters and are the highest of all clouds