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What are climbing vines?

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Climbing vines are vines that will grow up a trellis or the side of a house if left to grow unchecked. Some examples of climbing vines include kudzu and ivy.

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What are climbing plants?

Vines, such as ivy or grape plants.

How can you identify herbs from vines?

The difference of the vines from a herbs are they are climbing and twinning plants while the herbs have soft and succulent stem.....thanks!

What is the name of the climbing plants that hang like ropes in rainforest trees?


How do vines get water?

Vines are climbing woody-stemmed plants that are part of the grape family. They use their large root systems to absorb water from the soil.

What plants grow on walls?

Vines, (such as ivy), clematis, climbing roses, and espaliered trees.

Who on our Dora and Diego team is really good at climbing and swinging on vines?

Boots the Monkey

What instinctive behaviors do spider monkeys have?

i guess climbing up and down a tree and swinging in vines

What flowering vine begins with letter h?

Honeysuckle vine and climbing Hydrangea are ornamental vines. Honeysuckle vines can grow up to twenty feet. Hydrangea are heavier and need support. Their lateral vines will grow three feet.

What is kudzu used for?

Kudzus are climbing vines from japan and china which help prevent erosion and are great for fiber.

What are the physical characteristics of Mexican yam?

A perennial plant with twisting, climbing vines with fleshy edible roots.

Do snap beans grow on vines?

Snap or string beans are climbing plants and are usually grown on poles or a trellis.

How do you spell treeless?

That is the correct spelling of "treeless" (without trees).The similar word is trellis, a frame for climbing vines.

What are the 5 names of vine?

When support is available, vines will try to climb, and there are different methods of climbing and each method has a variety of little variations that get the plant up and into the sunlight:Twining (wisteria)Tendrils - clinging vines (green peas)Aerial Rootlets (English ivy)Hooks (climbing rose)

How tall could a bean plant get?

Bean plants have climbing vines. In the right conditions they will climb over 6 feet.

Which part of the plant is the bean?

Beans are contained inside the bean pod which is also edible. These pods grow on climbing vines.

Is bougainvillea a herb shrub or tree?

It is one of several woody shrubs or vines

Is climbing a noun or an adjective?

The word 'climbing' is the present participle, present tense of the verb to 'climb'. The present participle of the verb is also an adjective and a gerund, a verbal noun. Examples:Verb: I caught the cat climbing up the drapes.Adjective: We bought a trellis and some climbing vines.Noun: Climbing can be a dangerous if you don't have proper training.

Do roses have tendrils for climbing?

Roses do not have tendrils to climb walls or other items like vines do. Roses have to be tied to a trellis in order for them to climb.

What would happen if you did some art like thin vines climbing up my acoustic guitar and would it effect my sound?

Painting something on a guitar will not greatly affect the sound. Putting actual vines on might, if they brushed against the strings.

How to use kudzu in a sentence?

Kudzus are used for many different things, they help prevent erosion, they are great for fiber, and they are climbing vines from japan and china.

Is a bindweed a carnivorous plant or a climbing plant or a cone bearing plant or a seasweed or a fern?

All bindweeds are flowering plants and are vines. Certainly not carnivorous, but if you interested in climbing plants and carnivorous plants you may want to research the genus 'nepenthes'.

How do you find the password pirate ship treat a shark Zelda Wind Waker?

You will have to enter the bombshop from the back by climbing up the vines and entering through a tunnel

What has the author Donald Wyman written?

Donald Wyman has written: 'Shrubs and vines for American gardens' -- subject(s): Ornamental climbing plants, Ornamental shrubs

What has the author A M Armitage written?

A. M. Armitage has written: 'Bedding plants' -- subject(s): Bedding plants, Handling, Postharvest technology 'Armitage's vines and climbers' -- subject(s): Ornamental climbing plants, Climbing plants, Handbooks, manuals 'Seed-propagated geraniums and regal geraniums' -- subject(s): Geraniums 'Armitage's garden perennials' -- subject(s): Perennials, Encyclopedias, Pictorial works 'Armitage's vines and climbers' -- subject(s): Ornamental climbing plants, Climbing plants, Handbooks, manuals 'Allan Armitage on perennials' -- subject(s): Perennials

What is a trellis?

I think the proper spelling would be treillis, with an i behind the e... that's French for what is called "chicken wire" in the States. A trellis is a structure to let climbing vines grow on. It is usually in some sort of criss-cross pattern so vines can weave in between it.