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A plant in the aster family whose flower is composed of white ray and yellow disc florets and whose leaves are oppositely arranged is a description of cobbler's pegs. The plant in question (Bidens pilosa) manages to survive in disturbed soils of its native American bio-geography and of its naturalized homelands in Africa, Australia, Eurasia, and the Pacific Ocean islands and through wildlife- and wind-facilitated dispersal of the barbed ends and light weight of their black, curved, rough, stiff rod-like fruits. Cobbler's pegs serves as one of a number of common names, whose range in English includes beggar-tick, black-jack, broom-stick, devil's needles, farmer's friend, and Spanish needle.
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What are soft pegs?

A soft peg is a term used for countries with a fixed exchange rate regime. There are soft and hard pegs. Soft pegs generally let their exchange rate fluctuate through a desired bracket. Hard pegs follow the anchor currency more stictly.

What is pegging?

pegging is a certain kind of activity the could be used with anything u have something that u can throw if u throw it at something then that means u pegged that object or in other words u threw it at it so there u go

Who invented the peg?

The first patented clothes peg issued in March 1832, described a bent strip of hickory held together with a wooden screw which proved to be totally impractical. Rain or even dampness would cause the screw to swell, rendering the pin inoperable. It took 21 more years for an improvement to emerge that ( Full Answer )

Origin of the phrase the cobbler's children have no shoes?

Origin unknown; however the essence of this phrase is used to describe the phenomenon where certain 'professionals' in any given area are so busy with work for their clients and their teams that they neglect using their professional skills to help themselves or those closest to them. For example - t ( Full Answer )

What is a golf peg?

A golf peg is another term for a tee (the small wooden or plastic stand that the golf ball rests on)

What is peg system?

to link information by using pegs,pictures,graphs,colors or numbers to help remember terms or steps in a process( one of the mnemonics)

What is a peg?

A peg is a wooden or metal object used to fasten clothes, or aprotrusion in the wall used to hang coats.

What are Cobblers Pegs?

Cobblers Pegs are more commonly known as Lasts and are the metal upside down foot type stand that they put the shoes on to work with. Another name for the plant, Cobblers pegs (Bidens pilosa) Cobblers pegs - originally a cobbler would travel from village to village and when he was in a particular v ( Full Answer )

Who is Peg Scott?

Peg Scott is a Psychology professor at American River College. RateMyProfessor.com says that she is very knowledgable and cares about her students. But she also has very good hearing so don't talk when somebody else is, or else!!!

What are bike pegs for?

They started out with the BMX crowd as an accessory that made it possible to perform grinds and various flatland tricks by standing on the pegs.

How do you tighten pegs?

well, do you mean like the pegs on violins and violas? If you are, see if iy has any kind of a screw on the side of the peg. If there is, just get a screwdriver and tighten it. That's what I do with my violin sometimes, and it works. No guarentees on yours though. If there isn't a screw, you might w ( Full Answer )

What are golf pegs?

golf pegs are actually called "tee" In golf, a tee is normally used for the first stroke of each hole. The area from which this first stroke is hit is informally known as the teeing ground. Normally, teeing the ball is allowed only on the first shot of a hole, called the tee shot , and is illegal ( Full Answer )

How did peg leg joe get his peg leg?

He got caught in a bear trap set for the slaves. He screamed but not as loud as the slave catchers could hear the screaming. Since the trap was halfway through his leg he got a knife and cut off his own leg and replaced it with a peg leg.

What are bike pegs?

4-5 inch long stumps of pipes that screw on to the wheel axles to enable the rider to do certain tricks by standing on the pegs or by sliding the bike along rails on the pegs.

How do you play peg?

Well you get loads of people and an empty bottle, and everyone kicks the bottle around lika a football and if it goes through the middle of anyones legs they have been pegged and everyone playing gets to punch them. :)

What is a cobbler's last?

A cobblers last is a abstract replica of a human foot. It is a toolthat is used to make and repair shoes.

What are stunt pegs for?

they are for tricks and stunts as indicated on the name, they can also be used for grinding.

What is a peg used for?

a peg is used for another person to stand on the back or front but will cause serious enjury.?

What is a nose peg?

It depends on what you are talking about because there are several meanings. 1. The Nose Peg is a member's only piece of Slayer equipment used in the Slayer skill. 2. Nose Peg cartoons. 3. There are Camel Nose pegs. Where they put a peg through a Camel's nose. which are used to contro ( Full Answer )

How do you do the Carly Cobbler's New Home quest on HorseIsle?

This quest starts on Cloud Isle, so you need the 75% QP award! Here are the items you will need for the quest first off.... It saves a TON of money if you gather all the items possible first, then begin the quest. . 25 Moon Beams . 10 Silver linings . 50 Cotton . 50 Sparkling Feathers . 50 r ( Full Answer )

What does PEG stand for?

PEG stands for Polyethylene glycol, a polyether compound with many applications from industrial manufacturing to medicine. Formula: H-(O-CH 2 -CH 2 -) n OH It has also been known as polyethylene oxide (PEO) or polyoxyethylene (POE) , depending on its molecular weight, and under the trad ( Full Answer )

What is a nose peg in a camel?

It is a stick or peg that is thrust through a camel's nose that helps keep a camel under control.

How do you get to Carly Cobbler's house on cloud isle?

From where you first show up on Cloud, head to the left and then up along the path to the portal at the top left hand corner of the isle. Then take the portal to the isle and head to the left until you get to a house near a portal.

Can mountain bikes get pegs?

Usually not. A peg has to thread onto an axle and mountain bikes generally use quick release skewers so the axle is very short. But if you have a MTB with solid axles (some MTB dirtbikes and low-end MTBs have), or go to the effort of having the q/r axles replaced with solid axles, then it's doable ( Full Answer )

How do you fix a sliding viola peg?

one thing you might be able to do that my music teacher has said is to take the sliding peg and drill another hole in it for the string to go through farther from the edge of the pegbox as the original. NOTE: I mean the hole in the peg, NOT THE PEGBOX) Only do this if the string is touching the side ( Full Answer )

What is a PEG in chemical ingredients?

I'm not sure that you mean PolyEthylene Glycol. Structural polymere of [monomeric ethylene oxide] n : H-[-O-CH 2 -CH 2 -] n -OH

How do you remove bicycle pegs that are stuck?

Best is simply to try harder, borrow better tools. If you're really desperate they can be cut off with an angle grinder, but it will take some time and require a bit of skill.

How do you peg a sokia b1 level?

First set up a level and shoot a point fifty feet away and asume an elevation(100) be sure to mark the location. turn the level approx. 180 degrees and mark and shoot a spot 50 and one hundres feet away. pick the level up and move it close to the farthest shot you took and re check all of the shots ( Full Answer )

What is a fishing peg?

A fishing peg is the aria u fish from on bank in a fishing Mach (contest) the pegs are given numbers then when u draw your peg ( by taking a numbed ball from a bag ) u know where your fishing

How do I make a picture into a PEG format?

The simplest way to change a file format is to save a copy in thenew format. Don't lose the original in case the change does notwork or gives a file unreadable on your image-processor!

How do you french knit with a clothesline peg?

French knitting requires a tool with the hole in the middle-- usually a spool-shaped loom and a pick -- perhaps a nail or a crochet hook. You may be able to employ a clothesline peg for one of these two purposes, given a small amount of modification.

How do you remove a peg lip ring?

There are a couple of different styles. One is a push fit design. For these just steady the inner disk and pull off the ball/gem end. Another style is the screw in type. For these simply steady the inner portion, and then turn the opposing end to the LEFT. Jewelrys left not yours.

What is PEG-ADA?

PEG-ADA-- An orphan drug that is useful in treating SCID related to ADA deficiency. is also called pegademase bovine

What are pegs on a guitar?

There are actually two types of pegs on a guitar: Tuning pegs Bridge pin pegs There are six of each. A tuning peg is a peg at the top of the guitar and is use to tighten the strings therefore 'tuning' the guitar. A bridge pin peg holds the other side of the string firmly in place.

What is the peg of a bicycle?

It's a thick stubby cylinder that bolts on as an extender to the wheel axle. The pegs can be used to stand on, or the bike can be jumped to land with the pegs on a rail or a ledge for grinds during trick riding.

What do pegs do on scooters?

For icepicks and toothpicks. I don't use them since they make you fall if you sharp turn.

Where are the pegs in cp?

one box is in the sport shop, and the other is in the upstairs of the gift shop!

What is a pegged skirt?

A pegged skirt tapers towards the bottom - much like pegged jeans have legs that are wider at the thighs but taper to be just wide enough for the foot to get through at the ankle. Pegged skirts may not taper as drastically as pegged trousers and may end up at the knee rather than ankle.

What is peg-450?

PEG refers to polyethelyne glycol, a polymer (plastic) commonly used as a filler in cosmetics to modify texture. The formula is with n being equal to the number suffix, or 450 in this case.

What is pegging in deaerator?

Pegging steam is used to create a scrubbing action between the steam and the feedwater, by which we can eliminate the dissolved corrosive gases mainly O2, CCO2, and NH3 which becomes corrosive at elevated temperatures.The removal of these gases is necessary to protect the piping and associated equip ( Full Answer )

What is tent pegging?

When you secure a tent to the ground to stop it from blowing away with tent pegs.

What is H2N-PEG?

H2N-PEG is an amino polyethylene glycol polymer which adds inert mass to proteins or drug compounds, improves solubility and protects proteins from proteolysis. Please see the related links for more information.

What is an starting peg?

One answer is a small marker which defines the location of a starting place. It is a visual point at which a race begins and finishes. It could also be a point where a measurment is taken from. i.e Start from this peg and walk sixty paces NNW, there you will find the treasure.

Is peg a noun?

Yes, the word 'peg' is a noun, a singular, common, concrete noun; a word for a small cylindrical or tapered pin used to fasten things or plug a hole, a word for a thing. . The word 'peg' is also a verb..

Where is Cobbler's Cove located?

Cobbler's Cove is located in Barbados. It is a popular resort for many vacationers. On the Expedia and TripAdvisor sites it has received very favorable reviews.