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Maryland's residents are called "Marylanders."

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What were large farms called in colonial Maryland?


What are facts about colonial Maryland?

Colonial Maryland Facts: nonononononono

Was there lack of food in colonial Maryland?

No, there was much food in colonial Maryland.

Were there seasons in Colonial Maryland?

Yes Colonial Maryland had a total of four seasons and they named them exactly as we do in the United States today. They were called Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

What was the first vegatable grown in colonial Maryland?

It is not known what the first vegetable was that was grown in colonial Maryland. Many vegetables were grown in colonial Maryland such as corn and squash.

What were the major colonial cities of Maryland?

The major cities of Colonial Maryland are: Baltimore and Annapolis.

Why did people listen 2 the laws of colonial Maryland?

People were compelled to listen to the laws of colonial Maryland.

What is a sentence for residents?

Three sentences for residents are:Aliens are not residents.The girl has been a resident of Maryland for 13 years.

Who were the leader of colonial Maryland?


Is Maryland a colonial city?

no it is not

Geography of colonial Maryland?

Maryland is to the east of the Appalachain Mountains

What are four residents of Maryland?

The Midshipmen of the US Naval Academy.The Maryland Blue Crab.The Chesapeake Bay Oysters, andThe permanent residents of the Antietam National Cemetery.

How many cigarettes can you bring from Virginia to Maryland?

A (2) pack limit for Maryland residents, and up to (1) carton for non-residents passing through the state.

What were churches like in Colonial Maryland?

Well, Maryland had many catholic and christian churches. colonial Maryland, just like today's Maryland had religious freedom. Mostly catholic people came from England.

Maryland colonial industry?


What were the clothing in colonial Maryland?

my fart

What was the agriculture in colonial Maryland?


What did the Maryland Act of Toleration state?

It mandated the acceptance by all Maryland residents of Trinitarian Christianity.

What was the colonial transportation in Maryland in the 1600s?

other than by foot,and later horses,the waterways were the highways during early colonial maryland.

When was Edward Lloyd - Colonial Governor of Maryland - born?

Edward Lloyd - Colonial Governor of Maryland - was born in 1670.

When did Edward Lloyd - Colonial Governor of Maryland - die?

Edward Lloyd - Colonial Governor of Maryland - died in 1718.

Who was in charge of Colonial Maryland?

Cecil Calvert was the first Proprietor of Maryland colony.

What country colonized colonial Maryland?

Maryland was colonized and founded by George Calvert

What was colonial Maryland clothing like?

The peolpe in the colony maryland wore clothes

What was the government of Colonial Maryland?

The government of Colonial Maryland was as a Charter Colony. It was a land grant government that gave the king all rights as a monarch.

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