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What are commission jobs and what are the advantages of them?

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Commission jobs pay you on the amount of sales you create. Some jobs pay part commission and part wage where you get a steady wage, but more money if you sell more. The more you sell, the more money you will get as "commission" and that is a major advantage. There is no end to how much you can earn in a commission job.

You can find commission jobs at

= my .02 cents ==

Commission jobs can help you make bad decisions, as your paycheck is dependent on it. I will never get paid that way again. I prefer to sleep well knowing I didn't screw anyone including myself. There are drawbacks that include not getting paid becasue of various criteria the company set up. Such as because they couldn't finance a customer, collect from a customer, someone else in the company screwed up the job you sold, the company is unethical and doesn't pay you.

I suggest anyone who is considering taking a leap into a commission job to start with a Base + Commission job rather than commission only. It's just too risky to begin with commission only. Once you get accustomed to selling and your comfortable closing and with the entire sales process in general then you're ready for commission only.

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