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What are commodities?


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A Commodity is an item traded strictly on price. This can be anything--for instance, Windows PCs are a commodity item. When a company wants to buy some computers, they decide how much RAM, how much disk space, the size of the monitor and so on, and then they usually buy the cheapest PC that meets all those specs.

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Bulk products, such as metal, grain, or food that are traded on the commodities exchanges.

Commodities are objects that start of the planet like fruit juice, wheat, cattle, gold and oil. folks obtain and sell commodities supported speculation.
In a commodities market, all vendors of a product are selling the exact same thing. Wheat is wheat, corn is corn, lead is lead and so on.


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The freshness of the primary commodities is the observed changed. Primary commodities refers to the commodities in unprocessed state.

Commodities is the correct spelling.

It depends: are we talking about commodities CONTRACTS, or the commodities themselves? A person who specializes in buying and selling commodities futures and options is a commodities broker. Someone who buys and sells the physical good--lumber, wheat, whatever--is a commodities dealer.

Commodities are services and goods. Soft commodities are goods that are grown, hard commodities are goods that are mined. A futures is a contract to buy commodities or financial instrument set in certain time in the future. These contracts are traded.

It is a Letter of Credit covering commodities.

in macroeconomics what commodities are produced and in what quantities

Commodities Corporation was created in 1969.

You can trade commodities online, all you need is an Internet connection and to choose commodities trading platform. see the related links below.

Commodities exchanges are typically organizations that are owned by trading members and are organized to facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers of various commodities

To exchange their surplus commodities for other commodities they needed. To make a financial profit from trading commodities and services.

gold, silver, copper, oil and bronze are the top 5 commodities. they are widely traded in commodities market.

You can learn how to trade commodities on the following website: They have useful info.

Futures and Commodities is a website dedicated to following the prices of commodities like natural gas, oil, and gold among others. The site also takes a look at the past and potential future of these commodities.

just that; an exchange. Maybe a sale? its called a trade

Piero Sraffa has written: 'Production of commodities by means of commodities'

Dubai Multi Commodities Centre was created in 2002.

Dubai Multi Commodities Centre's population is 200.

NASDAQ OMX Commodities Europe was created in 1996.

Information about commodities exchange is best found on a government website. There you will find accurate information about where to find them and what the laws are dealing with commodities exchanges.

Prime commodities are commodities that are yet to be processed from their raw state. Examples are orange or mango, which are processed into fruit juice. Others are iron ore, which are processed to fine metals.

Some of the commodities Africa is known for include diamonds, timber, cotton, coffee.

The LTD Commodities catalog can be found on the LTD Commodities official website. One can get a catalog by simply going to the catalog request link and filling out the online form.

Investments in energy commodities are generally considered a safe, low-yield form of investment. Examples of large energy commodities include ExxonMobil and General Electric.

A commodity index is something that tracks the price of different commodities. It often uses the average price of commodities, and is designed to encompass all types of commodities such as petrol and metals.

There is no commodities training course specifically required to be a commodities trader but commodities traders need a bachelor degree in commerce, accounting, business, finance, or economics. The coursework for these degrees can take 3 to 4 years full time.

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