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There may be bleeding from the rectum, pain and vomiting, or simply tiredness and weakness from unnoticed blood loss.

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Q: What are common symptoms of Meckel's diverticulum?
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How much of the population has Meckel's diverticulum?

Meckel's diverticulum is a developmental defect that is present in about 2% of people, but does not always cause symptoms.

When do symptoms first occur in a person with Meckel's diverticulum?

Symptoms usually occur in children under 10 years of age.

What is the typical prognosis for Meckel's diverticulum?

The outcome after surgery is usually excellent. The source of bleeding, pain, or obstruction is removed so the symptoms also disappear. A Meckel's diverticulum will not return.

What is the most common problem resulting from Meckel's diverticulum?

The most common problem is inflammation or infection that mimics appendicitis.

Is diverticulum singular or plural?

Diverticulum is singular; diverticula is the plural form.

How many people have Meckel's diverticulum?

Meckel's diverticulum is present in approximately 2% of the population.

What is the singular form of diverticulum?

The word diverticulum is already in the singular, the plural being 'diverticula'

What are the two classes of diverticulum?

1. False (acquired) :contains only the mucosae.g. : colon diverticulum in the elderly2. True (congenital) :contains all layer of the walle.g. : Meckel's diverticulum

Plural of diverticulum?


There was a single small diverticulum present in the cecum?

A diverticulum is a small pouch that can become a polyp or diverticulitis, inflammation of the intestine.

How many complications can result from Meckel's diverticulum?

There are three major complications that may result from the development of Meckel's diverticulum.

What is a duodenal diverticulum?

A diverticulum is a pouch off the side wall of a tubular part of the body. The duodenum is the first part of the small intestine. So a duodenal diverticulum is a pouch off the side wall of the small intestine. Half of all people over 65 have diverticula (the plural of diverticulum).

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