What are commonly used ingredients in Irish cuisine?

Lamb and potatoes are two of the staples. Of course the potato is the number one answer, but surprisingly enough (I'm half Irish) there are more foods from long ago right up to modern healthy eating in Ireland. Wild garlic, cabbage or curly kale and scallions. Irish Stew is at the top of the list always with potatoes; bacon, boiled pork sausage. In the more modern times fish is more often eaten such as prawns, oysters, salmon and cod, etc., Soda, wheaten breads and soda farls and blaa. Honey was always used. Of course the most famous meat was lamb, but also pork and beef as generations passed by. Porridge was made from nuts, berries, knotgrass and goosefoot in the earlier years. Dairy products such as milk and eggs and churned butter.