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the compound words in it are ur a weirdo

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What is compound word with oil?

Examples of compound words with 'oil' are:oil welloil tankoil clothoil canoil paintoil platformoil rigoil slickcooking oilolive oilsuntan oilcanola oilpeanut oilbaby oilhair oil

Is vegetable oil a compound?

vegetable oil, is a compound because it forms a liquid.

Is olive oil a ionic or covalent compound?

Olive oil is a mixture, not a compound.

Are the words into and today compound words?

Yes, into and today are compound words.

What words that are compound words have when in them?

Compound words that have when in them are whence, whenever, and whensoever.

Is coconut oil an element or compound?

Coconut oil is either a mixture or a compound, never an element.

Is oil and water a mixture or compound?

Oil and water is neither a compound, mixture, solution..etc. but an emulsion.

What is a compound word for oil rattle and eyes?

The compound nouns are:snake oilrattlesnakesnake eyes

Is crude oil a pure compound?

it is not too pure but is a compound

Is noticeable a compound word?

No, noticeable is not a compound word. Compound words - words made up f two or more words.

What are some words you can make compound words with?

Compound words can be made with almost any two words.

Are baseball and ballpark compound words?

Yes, both are compound words.

What compound words can you make with night?

What compound words can you make with night

Is private life a compound word or compound words?

'Private life' are two individual words, not compound.

Are compound words conjure words?

A compound word is two words put together, (It's it-is)

Is cooking oil element?

Cooking oil is not an element. Cooking oil is a compound.

Is a vegetable oil compound or mixture?

Vegetable oil is a mixture.

Is sesame oil a compound?

Sesame oil is a complex mixture.

What is the chemical name of the oil?

Oil is a mixture, not a chemical compound.

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