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What are computer parameters?

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A parameter is a measure or value on which something else depends. So therefore, a computer parameter would be what the computer depends on to operate.

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What is the definitIon of parameters in Computing?

mesurement of calculations done by a computer

Why is computer aid design important?

Computer-aided design (CAD) involves creating computer models defined by geometrical parameters.

What are the parameters used in design-delay analysis in computer networks?

be destroying the pc

What type of data can be entered in a computer?

As long as someone programs parameters for how to handle the data, then ANY type of data can be entered into a computer.

What Are The Benefits of System Cooling Computer Software?

There are many factors and parameters involved in computer cooling. If you are a gamer, if you do a lot with video on your computer, or if you are involved with tasks that consistently demand intensive CPU processing, the cooling fan systems on your machine begin to do a lot of work. Most optimal users go through the CMOS listing to check parameters like fan speeds and computer temperature. The best way is to get system cooling computer software that will keep the controlling parameters in full view on your desktop.

What is multilevel model of computer?

"Multilevel modelling" is a term used in computer programming. It refers to the use of parameters to define the organisation and analysis of information.

How do you know if different computer parts will work together?

Every component of a computer system has an interface to connect to the Motherboard. All you need to do is ensure that the parameters of the interface on the component matches the parameters of the interface on the motherboard. Each component has a different set of parameters, whether it be a hard drive, RAM, processor, video card or even something as simple as a mouse.

Is it possible to damage a computer monitor by specifying display parameters that are beyond the manufacturer's specifications for the monitor?


What are the best computer hardware requirements to be well updated with Internet parameters?

Some of the best best computer hardware requirements to be well updated with internet parameters arememoy, processor, hard disk, video card, network card, sound card, hertz and capacity.

How do you boot a computer from another computer without removing the hard drive?

There sometimes are "Wake on LAN" parameters that can be set in BIOS which will boot a connected computer if the LAN card receives a command.

How do controlled parameters and variable parameters differ?

Controlled parameters stay constant throughout the experiment. Variable parameters are the ones you can change.

Why hybrid parameters are called so?

Hybrid parameters are called so, because the parameters have different units. In Z- parameters, all the parameters have units of ohms and in Y- parameters, all parameters have Siemens as units. But in hybrid parameters, we have both ohms and Siemens as units. The other way it is called hybrid is, the independent variables are the input current and output voltage.

What is a parameter in computer?

sometimes DOS requires additional information, which is specified in one or more parameters after the command should operate on.

How do you spell parameters?

Parameters is the correct spelling.

What is thrust management computer?

Thrust Management Computer, or TMC, is an aircraft autopilot. In a jet it is a component in the flight management system that senses parameters of the engine as well as controls and power requests.

What are the physical fitness parameters?

Fitness Parameters are the parameters on which the exercise program of the individual is decided.You can make your own parameters.( on which areas you want to work)The basic parameters are:1) Frequency2) Intensity3) Duration

What is global parameters?

Some ADARUN parameters are global parameters; that is, they must have the same values for all nuclei in a cluster.

Definitions of 4 h-parameters?

h-parameters is known as hybrid parameters. It is used in small signal analysis. In matrix from it is written as h11, h12, h21, h22.

What is a DHCP sever used for?

A DHCP server will assign IP addresses, and other network parameters, automatically, to computers who ask for it. In Windows, if you select that you want the computer to get an IP address automatically, it will try to get the IP address (and other parameters) from a DHCP server.The idea is to reduce the amount of configuration required for each computer, especially in larger networks.

How do you calculate sampling distribution parameters?

The answer depends on which parameters are to be calculated.

Is it true that the computer is more intelligent than the human?

No. The amount of information that a computer can store and the speed with which it can access that data makes the machine seem 'intelligent', but all of its decisions are based on parameters determined by a human.

What is the function of the Master Boot Record or MBR in a computer?

The Master Boot Record is occupied by code in how your start up process is on your computer. The MBR as it is sometimes referred to for abbreviation. It simply follows a set of parameters To start up your computer in your operating system.

What is wave parameters?

The wave parameters are the machines in which wave-leanth is mesaured.

What are the parameters of choke coil?

inductance and resistance are the parameters of the choke cil

What are the parameters of human development index?

There are different parameters of human development index. One of the parameters used is education and literacy level of a country.