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AnswerFor door painting, always think "Wet Edge" & "Brush Marks"!! Assuming you have already prepped the door by lightly sanding and wiping dust off, first and foremost you want to be prepared to paint the entire side you are painting in one shot. No interuptions, being able to start and finish it completely keeping a "Wet Edge" from top to bottom. Second, always remember to make brush marks go WITH THE GRAIN. If no grain, like a smooth metal paneled door, industry standard is to pretend it is a grained surface and follow that grain pattern. For up and down areas, brush marks should go up and down. For left to right areas, brush marks should be left to right. IN OTHER WORDS....Lets take one panel for instance. That panel consists of the face, and the four (small) sides around it to make it a panel. Well for the face of the panel the brush marks generally go up and down. For the four edges around that panel, the edges on the left and right, brush marks would be up and down, for the top and bottom edges, the brush marks would go left to right. Now you have the OUTSIDE edges AROUND each panel. Those would follow the same direction as the smaller inside edges to the panel. For painting one side or both, you want to start by painting the side edge first of the side being painted. (Either hinges or latch edge) Be sure not to allow drips on the face of side to be painted, wipe these clean as soon as edge is painted, as they would start to dry before you got that far down the door (once painting the face, or side being painted) causing "un-eveness" (is that a word? LOL) in paint thickness resulting in imperfections. Once edge(s) are painted, you can begin on the face. Most doors will be all flat, or have panels. For either door, you want to maintain a "Wet Edge" from top to bottom of the door. This is critical. For once the paint starts drying, your brush will begin to "drag" causing major imperfections and a ruined door that once dried will look awefull. Then you will be resanding the door smooth and starting all over. So,you will have to work quickly to do this. For the paneled door, paint the top two panels first, then move on to the outer edges (faces) around those panels. Then, keeping your "Wet Edge" going, move to the middle panels, then the outer edges (faces) around those, then finally to the bottom two, until complete. Be sure to watch for "build-up" in the bottom corners of the panel area's as they will turn into drips after a little while. For the flat faced door, you might want to use a small roller instead of brushing, as you do not have any panels to worry about with the roller and it goes much faster. For this type of door whether rolling OR brushing, you want to maintain that "Wet Edge" here too, working from top to bottom. For the panel door though, you will most likely be better off with the brush because of all the angles and nooks and crannies. Some painters actually use the small roller to apply the paint, and THEN use the brush to "Lay-Off", or make the brush marks. Rolling only on a paneled door just doesnt work. Type of brush best for the paneled door would be a 2 1/2 inch or 3 inch ANGLED brush. And preferably try to buy the PURDY brand as they are time tested and true to the calling at hand. :)
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Q: What are correct techniques to follow when painting an interior door?
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