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What are cultural features in Canada?


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I'm Sorry But I Know The Physical Features:

Western Canada Physical:

1)Great Plains

2)Niagra Falls

3)Interior Plains

Central Canada Physical:

1)Central Flatlands

2)Hudson Bay Lowlands

Eastern Canada Physical:

1)Canadian Shield

2)Laurentian Mountains

3)Lake Superior


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Canada is a Confederation of many Nations each with many cultures from many places around the world. The cultural beliefs of Canada are the same as cultural beliefs of the world because Canadians come from all over the world, though mostly Asia.

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One example of cultural diffusion in Canada is language. British and French people comes to Canada and introduces their languages to Canadians, so now these two languages becomes the two most spoken, and official languages of Canada. United States and Canada both engage in hockey, and baseball. Hockey comes from Canada, and baseball comes from American culture. This is an example of Cultural Convergence in Canada. This answer is a 50:50, meaning it might not be 100% correct.

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