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you live in the states it is a safety feature in Canada tha all cars after i think 1990 have this in them but not in the states they are lights the come on when you start your car when you turn on your lights on the lightrs will go a little brighter as well as your tail lights

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Q: What are daylight running lamps?
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Can you use LED replacements for GM daylight running lamps?

yes you can

Where is DRL Daylight running light located for Acura 1990 integra?

i am pretty sure there are no daytime running lamps on a 90' integra...

How do you make lamps that turn on at night in Minecraft?

You could hook up Redstone lamps to daylight sensors.

What is the difference between daylight fluorescent and cool white fluorescent?

Daylight Fluorescent lamps have bluish-white illuminance, whereas coolwhite fluorescent lamps have yellowish-white illuminance.

Why were play Elizabethan England performed during daylight hours?

Because there was no lamps

How do i turn off the daylight running lamps on a 99'chevy z71 ls?

Push the parking break in just one click and it will turn off the running lights. Make sure it is only one click in or you will ware out your break pads.

Daytime running lamps not functionin?

i must recomend that you check th fuse located under the hood that says something bout running lamps

Where will you find the headlight relay in a Renault clio?

The only headlight relay I can find is for the Clio II from 1998 onwards This is in the fascia relay box, relay no8 This controls the low beam with the daylight running lamps.

How do you change the daylight running lights on a 2001 Chevy Suburban?

Lift the hood and behind the headlamps there are two L shaped rods that insert into the harness of the head lamps. Rotate the rods toward the grill, this unlocks the rods. Next remove the rods and this frees up the head lamps. Remove the headlamps from the grill allowing for access to the daytime running lamps. I left the headlamp wiring harnesses intact. The daytime running lamps have a lever that you push to unlock and then rotate to release and then you can change out the bulb easily. Reverse steps to replace lamp assemblies. This was a difficult find until I caught on to the above and then took less than five minutes. Have fun.

Does a 89 Chevrolet 20 van have daytime running lamps?


What does drl in the dashboard mean?

daytime 'running' lamps/lights.

Are the fog lamps and front turn signal lamps and the daytime running lamps lamps all the same thing?

No they are all different. Fog lamps- usually owner installed and are located low on the front of the car to illuminate the road directly in front of the vehicle well when fog restricts distance vision. turn signal- located on front fender and visible from both side and front of vehicle, usually just below the headlamps and are used to indicate your intention to turn. they are on a flasher relay. Daytime running lamps, a secondary bulb in the headlamp that is not as bright and is as of 2000 mandatory in most states. It is used to increase visibility of the vehicle, and to bridge the gap between night and daylight or dusk. None of these will operate on the same circuit as each other.

Where is the daylight switch on a 1995 Sunfire?

I presume you're asking about a daylight running light switch? As far as I know, there is no such switch in a Sunfire. They're on when the car is running and is gear. FriPilot

How do you change the daytime running lights in a 2001 gmc Yukon?

2001 GMC Savanna Van Daylight running lights. Do I need to disable the daylight running lights so I can install HID lighting system, for it to work?

What is fuse 10 DRL?

DRL stands for Daytime Running Lamps.

How do they change the light bulbs in street lamps?

Typically city transportation employees change the bulbs in street lamps approximately every 3-4 years. For the high sitting lamps, a mast is raised and the bulbs are replaced, usually during the daylight hours.

How do you fit daylight running lights to a 2003 Mercedes Benz ML350?

There is a module that you can buy [$40] for daylight running light. It is easy to install and comes with an instructions. Do you have a part number or name of supplier?

Why do projectors become dim and how is it solved?

Projectors usually become dim when the "lamps" are running out and they need changing. To be honest I would suggest changing the lamps every 6 months to ensure that the lamps do not run out.

What is the 15 amp drl fuse on a 1996 mercury?

daytime running lamps

Why do running lamps stay on constantly on 1995 tercel?

There is a relay for the lamps. It's either shorted out or there may be a bad fuse causing this problem also.

What does DRL mean on a 2004 cheavy aveo?

Daylight running lights

In a 1998 Oldsmobile Bravada why do your headlights stay on when running?

Your vehicle is equipped the Daytime Running Lights, (DRL). A daytime running lamp (DRL, also daylight running lamp or daytime running light) is a lighting device on the vehicle that are installed in pairs. They automatically are switched on when the vehicle is moving forward, and is intended to increase the conspicuity of the vehicle during daylight conditions.

Disable daylight running lights of ford explorer?

The daylight running lights of a Ford Explorer can be turned off by using the manual headlight control switch. Place the switch in the middle position to turn the daytime running lights off. The headlights will then need to be turned on manually at dusk.

Who started daylight savings?

Ben Franklin, Originally started to conserve the whale oil that was used in lamps to provide illumination at night and early morning.

Where to purchase 2000 silverado colored daylight running light bulbs?