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degradative plasmids are types of plasmids present in certain bacterias such as pseudomonas putida which impart the ability of degrade xenobiotic compounds such as salicylic acid, 2-4D etc.

there are 3 such plasmids-

1)CAM plasmid- which degrades camphor.

2)XYL ,, - ,, ,, xylene.

3)NAH ,, - ,, ,, napthalene.

in addition to this CAM also has octane degrading OCT part & NAH has salicylic acid degrading SAL part.

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What are the degradative plasmids and what are their properties?

it is a plasmid which utilizes secondary

Do degradative reactions cause death?

Degradative reactions can cause cellular death. If the resulting factor is not treated appropriately the death of the organism can occur.

What does degradative reaction do?

The breakdown of an organic compound

When is a plasmid considered a recombinant plasmid?

When the original function of the gene in the plasmid is altered or another gene is inserted in the non- coding region of the plasmid is called the recombinant plasmid.

Example of plasmid?

F-plasmid (fertility plasmid) of any conjugative bateria or Ti-plasmid (tumor-inducing) of Agrobacterium tumaefaciens.

Is 2H2O O2 synthetic or degradative reaction?

An example of spontaneous decomposition is that of hydrogen peroxide, which will slowly decompose into water and oxygen: : 2H2O2 → 2H2O + O2 thus it would be a degradative reaction

Which is the plasmid that increases resistance to antibiotics?


What plasmid that can degrade toluic acid?

TOL plasmid

What degradative compound increases in your urine with high protein intake?


What is the difference between plasmid and bacteriophage lambda?

bacteriophage lambda is a better vector than plasmid as plasmid is small

What is meant by curing of plasmid DNA?

Curing a bacteria of plasmid DNA means getting rid of the plasmid so that the cells no longer have it.

A plasmid is a type of?

Plasmid is extrachromosomal DNA capable of self replication.

What occurs first in the production of a recombinant plasmid?

Isolation of a plasmid from a bacterium

What type of plasmid is the source of the problem with antibiotic resistance?

R plasmid.

What is a recombinant plasmid?

A plasmid is a small, circular, double-stranded DNA molecule that is distinct from a cell's chromosomal DNA. ... Researchers can insert DNA fragments or genes into a plasmid vector, creating a so-called recombinant plasmid. This plasmid can be introduced into a bacterium by way of the process called transformation.

What is the bacterial cell called when the f factor is in plasmid form?

F Plasmid

What is a synonym for plasmid?

A plasmid is essentially extra-chromosomal self-replicating DNA

What is a self-transmissible plasmid?

A plasmid which encodes genes for its own transfer.

How many plasmid slots can you have in BioShock 2?

You can have a maximum of 8 plasmid slots.

Do mammalian cell has plasmid DNA?

Plasmid is the property of prokaryotic cell i.e. of bacteria generally no mamalian cell have plasmid but ya there can be chances to have lillte part of DNA sequence to be simillar that of plasmid DNA sequence in prokaryotes

How are plasmid classification on their property?

Plasmids are classified as: 1. F plasmid 2. R plasmid 3. Col plasmid F plasmids for fertility factor, it transfers its plasmid to the non fertile making it fertile. R plasmid for certain antibiotic resisitivity..for eg, ampicillin resistance. Col are certain proteins which when produced doesnt let other organisms to invade its cell.

Puc18 is a vector or a plasmid?

Puc18, i believe, is both. It is a plasmid vector. Plasmid is a more descriptive as it is a type of vector. Similarly to how a cheetah is both a mammal and an animal.

What is a multicopy plasmid?

Every plasmid has a copy number that reflects the average number of copies of a certain plasmid inside a host cell(usually a bacterial cell). So a multicopy plasmid, exist in multiple copies in any given bacteria. It is believed that the higher the copy number is, the more efficient the plasmid is at replicating itself.

What is a helper plasmid?

A helper plasmid is one that allows for the beginning of replication and transfer of other plasmids from a donor to a recipient. Without a helper plasmid, transposons will not be expressed in the recipient.

Is expression vector a plasmid?

Yes. A plasmid is a small, circular, double-stranded DNA molecule that is distinct from a cell's chromosomal DNA. Plasmids that are used experimentally for these purposes are called vectors. Researchers can insert DNA fragments or genes into a plasmid vector, creating a so-called recombinant plasmid.