What are determinate error and indeterminate error?

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Determinate errors are those errors which are known and controllable errors e.g instrumental errors, personal errors etc. Indeterminate errors are those which are beyond the analyst's control and are unknown errors e.g room temperature etc. Both types are errors occurring during the measurement of physical quantities.
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What is a fielding error?

if a ball is hit to the any fielder and it hits any part of his body and he misses. if aresult of that is the base runner is safe. that is a error

What is forecast error?

In statistics, a forecast error is the difference between the actual or real and the predicted or forecast value of a time series or any other phenomenon of interest.

What are 'script errors'?

Example. You are writing a play for school. The actual writing part is called the script, script errors are words that are spelled wrong, or scenes that don't follow and there-fore re-writes are necessary.

What is trial and error?

Trial and error is when you find out information by doing something over and over until you get it right. Hence the name...you have many TRIALS and thus many ERRORS to learn from...so you can avoid the errors in future trials so you can get it right by avoiding the way that produced the unwanted r ( Full Answer )

What is approximation error?

An approximation error is the discrepancy between an exact valueand the approximation to it. This occurs when the measurement ofsomething is not precise.

How do you determine if there are errors in braille transcription?

Errors in braille transcription are best looked for by a human expert who is certified in braille transcription. In the United States, braille transcription certificates are issued by the Library of Congress. See attached link for a list of certified braille proofreaders.

What is a zero error?

Zero error or parallax error is a common problem faced byphysicists. It occurs when readings are unable to be takenaccurately due to perception problems of the naked eye.

What is an error?

An error is the product of something going wrong. It is a problemcaused by someone's negligence or ignorance.

What is indeterminate error?

For most calculators, this error is either the result of dividing Zero by Zero or dividing an "undefined" (ie: +-infinity) expression by its self. The error basically states that there can be no mathematically correct answer to such a question because there is an infinite number of solutions. Sup ( Full Answer )

What are the sources of error in determining solubility products?

When determining the sources of an error in solubility products there are several factors that need to be taken in to consideration. The density, PPM / parts per million and natural balance. Water and oil do not mix without being blended or forced to combine and that is only a temporary binding. ( Full Answer )

Can you eliminate indeterminate errors in your experiment?

No, they cannot be eliminated. They can be greatly minimized to reduce errors though. . Determinate errors have a definite direction and magnitude and have an assignable cause (their cause can be determined ). Determinate error is also called systematic error. Determinate error can (theoretical ( Full Answer )

What is error and percentage error?

Percentage error measures the error in relation to the quantity measured. For example if something weighs 100 grams with a possible error of plus or minus 5 grams, this is an error of 5%

What is determinate error?

Determinate error is an error that is caused by the improper functioning of the instrument.These type of errors can be avoided by using an instrument that works properly.

What is the syntax error and logic error?

Syntax Error - Occurs when the code isn't formatted or typed correctly. i.e. In python, typing If instead of if because it only recognizes lowercase. Logical Error - Occurs when there is a fallacy of reasoning. i.e. In python, typing if x < 0 and x > 5. Since a value can't be less than 0 and gre ( Full Answer )

Is the hair of the axilla considered determinate or indeterminate?

Determinate. Determinate hair grows to a specific length and then stops. Determinate hair is found in many places in the body, including the axilla (armpits), groin, eyelashes, and eyebrows. On the other hand, indeterminate hair continues to grow without regard to length. It is found on the scalp an ( Full Answer )

Difference between determinate and indeterminate structures?

determinate structures are analysed by using equation of equilibrium or statics ie.., EV=0,EH=O,EM=0. EXAMPLE: simply supported beam ,cantilever beam,single or double over hanging beam. indeterminate beams are not capable of being analysed by using equation of statics. along with equation of static ( Full Answer )

Can the margin of error be determined if only the confidence level is known?

No, more information is needed to determine the margin of error. For example, one may need to know the sample's mean, the sample size, and the standard deviations of the population and sample. Depending on the type of test one is performing, certain parameters need not be known. For example, the pop ( Full Answer )

Is there an 1853 gold dollar with an error in the mint field so the mint cannot be determined Are there any error coins of this type?

If the "error" is below the wreath and above the rim it could cover a mintmark, but I don't think it's an error, It's gold solder. One dollar gold coins are the most well known gold coin to be used for jewelry and the 1853 date has the highest mintage of them all. Unfortunately I have seen many coin ( Full Answer )

What is linearity error?

When a function or given data set differes from a liniar curve fit. the difference between the data and a linear curve fit is your linearity error

What is a Syntex error?

In computer science a syntax error refers to an error in a sequence of characters which need to be in a specific programming language.

What is manual error?

i think what you men is user error, and that's when you push a lot of buttons, and the computer doesn't like that.

What is rectification of error?

Rectification of error is a sum in commerce.In this sum we rectified the errors in preparation of journal,ledger and trial balance.

What are keyboard errors?

I would imagine typing mistakes when one hits a key not intended, especially when it is not noticed.

What is a compound error?

A combination of burst errors that have various burst lengths thatinclude random errors are compound errors. It can be defined asmore than one error in the same stroke when subject to law.

What is source of error?

Measurements are off because the tool used isn't precise. Temperature and humidity may affect the results.

How do you determine if there is an error in balance sheet?

If the assets are not equal to the liabilities then a self-revealing error has occurred . However there are some errors which are not easily identifiable like an error of commission on both the debit and credit effects.It is always advisable to get an audit done to check your accounts.

What is an armchair error?

Armchair error is when someone sits in his/her office and makes decision based on the findings and data received from other people. Instead of actually going and looking at the problem and then solving it, people sit in the comfortable boardroom chairs and try to find a solution for the existing pro ( Full Answer )

What is a juxtaposition error?

A juxtaposition error is an error that results from the "position' of elements. It is often used to describe errors in the medical field that occur because of Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) interfaces. For example, if a healthcare provider wants to order a lab test for a patient, they mi ( Full Answer )

What is Indeterminate and determinate growth?

Some plants will keep on growing, continuing extending their stems,branches, and twigs almost unstoppable by keep on growing theirterminal buds vegetatively. The reproductive buds will also developfrom time to time, but will side-lined as axillaries buds while theaxillary buds just before that will ( Full Answer )

Is syntax error a compilation error?

Not entirely. A compilation error can contain a syntax error, but what a syntax error actually is, is an error in how the coding is spelled. For example, say you are trying to program a router. You type in the code, of which you know it's the correct code, but receive an error. You proofread the cod ( Full Answer )

What is an error handling error?

Error handling refers to the anticipation, detection, andresolution of programming , application, and communications errors .

How do you determine sample size given the standard error of 5?

There is not enough information to give an answer. You need to know something about the distribution of the variable in the population. It is reasonable to assume that it is Gaussian (Normal)? Secondly, what power do you require of the test statistic? In other words, what level of significance do y ( Full Answer )

What is determinate and indeterminate growth?

Some plants will keep on growing, continuing extending their stems,branches, and twigs almost unstoppable by keep on growing theirterminal buds vegetatively. The reproductive buds will also developfrom time to time, but will side-lined as axillaries buds while theaxillary buds just before that will ( Full Answer )

Error is serious Sampling error or non sampling error?

Both. But sampling error can be reduced through better design. Both. But sampling error can be reduced through better design. Both. But sampling error can be reduced through better design. Both. But sampling error can be reduced through better design.

I am Error?

This phrase was made popular by Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. In the town of Ruto, Link meets Error, who greets him with the now infamous message: "I am Error."

What are the major sources of error in your determination of the molar mass -?

Without more details this is a shot in the dark but I assume thatyou have the moles and weight of the compound. You then calculatedthe molar mass from these numbers. The sources of error with doing this experimentially is that youmay have lost some of the sample in transferring, you may haveweighed ( Full Answer )

Who is Error?

He is a man found in a house in Adventure of Link (LoZ2) Who claims to be named Error. He is also a glitched character. Or is he? some people say that the man in the room behind him is the REAL GLITCH! HAHAHA!

What are the errors introduced in mass determination if the object being weighed is warm?

Anything that displaces a fluid feels an upward pressure equal tothe weight of that volume of fluid. That is called buoyancy, orfloating. It's hard to imagine a piece of steel floating, but theupward force of the displaced air reduces the measured weight. Awarm object expands, so it displaces more a ( Full Answer )

What is the percent error calculation used to determine?

When you calculateresults that are aiming for known values , the percent errorformula is useful tool for determining the precision of yourcalculations. The formula is given by: The experimental value isyour calculated value, and the theoretical value is your knownvalue..

How can errors be minimized to determine specific heat?

Errors in measuring specific heat can be minimized by the following: ( 1 ) having a very well insulated calorimeter\ ( 2 ) having a well calibrated calorimeter ( 3 ) having accurate measurements of the masses ( 4 ) having accurate measurements of the temperatures.

How is the error term determined?

With fewer degrees of freedom and larger critical values to exceed,how can the dependent samples t be more powerful than the independent t