What are did the Mormons settle?


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People of the Morman faith settled in Utah, then south into Arizona.

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The first Mormons arrived to settle in the Great Salt Lake on July 24, 1847.

The Mormons settled much of utah.

The main reason it was hard for the Mormons to find a place to settle was because of the many persecutions. These persecutions cause the Mormons to be driven out of the land where they had settled. The people persecuting them did not care that it was the property of the Mormon Settlers. They just wanted them out. Another reason was that there were some higher authority people who authorized the people to drive them out, or to kill the Mormons. Those are some reasons why it was so hard for Mormons to find a place to settle.

The Mormons settled in Illinois between 1839 and 1845, when they began to leave for Utah due to persecution.

The Mormons were able to settle successfuly at the Great Salt Lake due to their faith, strength, steadfast determination to settle together in a place where they would not be persecuted for their religious beliefs and where the lord wanted them to be.

In what is now Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Mormons were searching for a place where they could practice their religion in peace and found that place in Utah.

They sought a remote location away from their persecutors.

Well the Mormons faced religious prosection from all sides. Some of their obstacles included finding a place to settle and getting new mebers to join

The Mormons were given information concerning the Salt Lake valley from Father Pierre DeSmet, a Belgian Catholic Missionary who traveled the west before the Mormons were ever even there. Through his description of the area the Mormons decided to move there.

The first Mormons to settle in Nevada arrived there in 1852. They moved there to establish a trading post for settlers heading to California. Later Mormons moved to Nevada for various economic opportunities including silver mining.

They settled in Utah. There are also alot in Idaho and California, but Utah is the main state.

The first people to settle in Utah were not immigrants, but indians and mormons.

Early Mormons had differing opinions about the Missourians. At first they were hopeful and felt that Missouri was the place that they should settle. Then many Missourians began to be hostile toward the Mormons, which caused most Mormons to feel that the Missourians were unaccepting and intolerant. As time went on, the Missourians became violent and forced the Mormons to flee the state by an Extermination Order, which made Mormons further dislike Missourians. The Mormon Extermination Order was withdrawn in the 1970's and today there are over 60,000 Mormons living in Missouri.

The Mormon Pioneers first arrived in Utah and began to set up settlements in July 1847.

The Mormon Pioneers first arrived and began setting up settlements in Utah in July, 1847.

The first Mormon pioneers arrived in the Salt Lake Valley July 24, 1847.

Mountain men- men who came up from the mountains Pioneers, Mormons and miners- Miners were digging for gold, Mormons were spreading the word about their religion, Pioneers were people who were travelling to unknown territories to settle. Cattlemen and Cowboys- Farmers and cowboys Homesteaders- People who were looking to move and settle in America

Mormons believe the church that Jesus Christ established on the Earth in the bible was first established in the Eastern United States. 'Mormons' were first in New York, then persecuted out to Kirtland, Ohio, and Navoo, Illinois, then they were persecuted out of those places, and they ended up in Utah.

In the mid 1800's, when the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (commonly called "Mormons") was attempting to find a land to settle in, church members were kicked out of Kirtland, Ohio; Nauvoo, Illinois; and several areas in Missouri, most notably Jackson County.

Because we were persecuted in the east and so we went somewhere where we could practice our religion without being threatened.

According to this article, in 1847, please read the related link below for more information.

Mormons settled in Utah. that is why there are a ton a Mormons there. there also alot in Idaho They also settled in Nauvoo but the temple there was burned. The Mormons colonized an area stretching from southern Alberta, Canada to northern Mexico, and from parts of what is now Colorado and New Mexico in the East to California and Nevada in the West, including parts of what are now Arizona and Idaho, and all of what is now Utah. Today, Mormons are found in most countries, and every state of the United States.

Brigham Young became president of the Mormon church when Joseph Smith died. The Mormons needed a safe place to practice their religion. The Mormons had been kicked out of every other place they had tried to settle. At the time, Utah was a part of Mexico, and they wanted to escape the United States government. Also, before Joseph Smith died he told Brigham that the Saints would eventually have to move west to the Rocky Mountains. Because every where else that Mormons tried to settle were chased out and abused. So the Mormons went west to seek a place where they could practice their religion without being provoked.

The Mormons settled in Utah.

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