What are diet suggestions for increased sperm count or semen fluid production?


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AnswerYour doctor will have a lot more, but here are a few that I know of. Don't sit in hottubs, don't wear tight underwear; switch to boxers if possible. And don't drink beer, eat or drink caffeine or smoke cigarettes. And don't do any kind of recreational drugs. Also, having sex every other to every third day will give the sperm time to build up again. And it is said that sperm can live for up to 72 hours in the womens body. Good luck! AnswerTHERE ARE MEDICINES IN AYURVEDA CALLED CHANDRABRABHAVATI, SHILAJIT, YUVANAMBIK ETC WHICH WOULD INCREASE THE SPERM CPUNT BY ATLEAST 40%.

Tribulus and DHEA (depending on your age) can increase sperm count and semem volume


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