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Blood type A+ positive cand donate to people that have types A+ or AB+. They can receiver blood from Apos & neg, O pos & neg.

Type O+ can give to O+ A+ B+ AB+ & only receive from O pos & neg

Type B+ can give to B+ and AB+ and receive from B pos & neg; O pos & neg.

Type AB+ can give only to AB+ and receive from EVERYONE

A- (neg) can give to A pos & neg; AB pos & neg & receive from A neg & O neg.

O- (neg) can give to EVERYONE and receive only O - (neg)

B- (neg) can give to B pos & neg; AB pos & neg and receive from B- and O-

AB- can give to only AB neg & pos and receive from AB-, A-, B-,O-

**Type O blood is the universal blood type and is the only blood type that can be transfused to patients with other blood types

**There is always a need for Type O donors because their blood may be transfused to a person of any blood type in an emergency

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Can o blood be meh or pos ?

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Q: What are differences between blood types?
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All blood types have the same oxygen in them. The only differences between them are the types of antigens on the membranes that help to detect foreign blood.

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If you include positive and negative blood, A+, A-, B+, B-, AB+, AB-, O+, and O-. But, if not, then A, B, AB, and O

How can you explain the differences between blood types AB and O?

AB blood group is Universal recipient which can receive blood of all blood groups while O blood group is Universal donor which can donate blood to all blood group .

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There are four types of blood. They are type A, type B, type AB and type O. There are also differences between whether they are positive or negative. That relates to the RH factor.

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What are the differences between o rh negative blood and other types of blood?

O rh negative blood is the universal donor. This blood is a good donor due to any blood type can accept O blood and the fact that the rh factor is negative allows for rh positive blood to receive it.

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Identifying proteins and sugars on the outside of the cell that allow the body to identify the cell. If you use the wrong blood type in a person, their body will see it as a foreign intruder (like a germ or virus) and the immune system will attack it.

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How can doctors determine positive or negative blood types.?

Doctors can determine positive or negative blood types by administering a test. The difference between positive and negative types is the presence of the RH factor. Positive blood types indicate the presence of the RH factor while negative blood types do not have this factor.