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The different movements of animals are:

- Walk

- Run

- Jump

- Crawl

- Swim

- Fly

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How movements of plants differ in movements in animals?

movements of plants are slow than movements in animals.plants respond slowly to stimuli than animals answer to their sense organs.

What are most animals movements related to?


How are bats different from crow?

bats are animals while crow is a bird,same in their color and movements(flying) but different in kind of animal they are.

What is a list of most common animals body movements or locomotion?

Animals can perform a variety of body movements. Some of the most common movements include walking, running, stretching, climbing, chewing, and scratching.

Different kinds of locomotor movements?

corvahh..!!lokomotor movements

How many movements does the Carnival of the Animals have?


What is the role of sulfur in animals?

bowel movements

Is climbing a movement of animals?

No, the movements of animals are: Running,Walking,&Flying......... i thank you!

What can help you capture an animals movements?

A video camera.

What system controls coordinated movements of animals?

Nervous gradpoint

What is the seasonal movements of animals to a more favorable environment?


Which animals move with the help of looping movements?

i think snake

How is nastic movement different from curvature movement in plants?

Nastic movements are those movements of plants when they respond to stimuli.They either bend towards or away the stimulus.It occurs slowly.Curvature movements are different

What processes in animals are stimulated by the movements ofearth'scontinents and oceanic plates?


Why can you do different body movements?

because of the different joints connected to our body

How do animals communicate with each other?

Animals in general communicate with each other just like human beings do, that is, by gesturing and/or making sounds. Some animals like bats communicate through sound waves. Depending on the species, there exist several means of communication for different animals.They communicate by movements.

Three kinds of mass movements?

There are four kinds and different classifications of mass movements. These types of movements include falls, slides, creeps, and flows.

Can animals communicate with different animals?

---- No. Animals have different vocal cords.

Why do different animals have different eating habbit?

Because their different animals?

What are the Types of rhythmic movements in dancing?

There are five different types of rhythmic movements in traditional dancing. These include flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness movements.

What are the different lifestyles of animals?

There are a variety of different lifestyle's of different animals like some animals are domestic or house animals and some animals are live stock animals some animals are wild as well.

What are four types of mass movements?

The different types of mass movements include landslides, mudflows, slump, and creep.

What makes the different movements of the eyes possible?


What are the different movements of a computer mouse?

forwards and backwards

What is molecule movement?

Molecule movement refers to all the different movements that molecules perform. This covers their movements in several different directions, along with their ability to vibrate and rotate.

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