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What are different types of toilets?

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yung ... may flush at meron din namang derekta sa ilog.... saka alam nyo ba yung sa dyaryo? tatae ka sa dyaryo tapos ibabalot mo... ibabato mo sa kapit bahay... Good luck na lang sayo

for those of us who speak english. You get, low level toilets (a split unit with the cistern on the wall close to the pan), high level toilet (a split unit with the cistern on the wall high above the pan, generally at just above head height), close coupled toilet (where the cistern sits on top of the pan). pans can be floor mounted or wall hung. cisterns can be a side handle flush or a top push button flush.

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What different types of toilets does Home Depot sell?

Home Depot sells a number of different types of toilets. They sell two piece, one piece, and various types of water saving toilets. They also sell urinals.

What are the different types of Christian art?

jelly toilets smell like funny chinese men

Do toilets rotate in different direction in different hemispheres?


What are the two different styles of toilets available in Japan?

There are two different styles of toilets in Japan called squat toilets and Western-style toilets. The squat toilets are the oldest of the two, and waste is collected in a shallow trough. The Western-style toilet is the standard flush toilet used in worldwide.

What are the different kinds of toilets?

the different kinds of toilets are the flush toilet, urinals, squat toilet, pit toilet and the incinerating toilet

Enumerate the different classification of toilets?


What is the rock that toilets are made of?

Toilets are generally made out of porcelain which is a type of ceramic created by heating types of clay such as Kaolinite which is a clay mineral.

What are two different types of apparent motions observed on Earth today that would not exist if the Earth were to stop rotating?

Aurora Borealis. Toilets flushing in vortexes.

Why toilets explode?

I have dealt with many different repairs and replacements to toilets of all kinds - never heard of one "exploding".

What are the different kinds of latrine?

pit toilets, composting toilets, pour-flush latrine, cistern-flush toilet, bucket latrine

What size is a toilet drain pipe?

It depends on how many types of toilets there are. If there are two toilets installed then the standard toilet sewer pipe size for that is 3". If there are three or more toilets then a 4" sewer pipe is needed for an adequate drainage.

What is aToilet rough in measurement?

there are lots of different size toilets.

Is the toilet yellow?

Most toilets are white, but many are different colours.

What types of work can you do in florida on a handyman license?

install Light fixtures, repair toilets, etc.

How do you spell girls toilets?

Girls' toilets are toilets belonging to a group of girls. Girl's toilets are toilets belonging to one specific girl.

What type of separate facilities did african american have to use?

Different toilets, different schools, different restaurants, down in the South.

Why does a toilet flush in different directions on different sides of the equator?

Water swirls clockwise in toilets in the northern hemisphere. Toilets in the southern hemisphere (below the equator) swirl counter clockwise. The reason for this is the "Coriolis effect."

How much water do you use for toilets?

There are many different toilets . -Old style toilets used too use up to 20 litres per flush. New toilets in north America are now restricted to 13 or 6.5 litres per flush. many even have the choice,by which button you press.

What are the different classification of toilets?

as far as i know its the classification between male and female

What is the collective noun for toilets?

The noun toilets has no collective noun of its own, in which case a general collective noun that is applicable to the situation is used; for example:a row of toiletsan order of toiletsa room of toiletsa string of toilets

Did they have toilets in concentration camps?

they did have toilets in the concentration camps. the only flushing toilets were at Auschwitz.

Where do you put toilets?

Toilets can be found a bathroom.

Do they have toilets in Spain?

Yes Spain has toilets.

In Victorian times did they have toilets?

yes they did have toilets

Do Kenya have toilets?

Yes, there are toilets in Kenya.