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There are 14 subcategories of Tourism:

Adventure travel‎

Bicycle tours‎

Cultural tourism



Industrial tourism

Medical tourism

Railroad attractions

Religious tourism‎

Rural tourism

Sex tourism‎

Space tourism‎

Sustainable tourism‎

Virtual tourism‎

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Q: What are different types of tourism?
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What are the different types of tourisms?

1 type of tourism is ECO - TOURISM

Two types of tourism?

There are two different main types of tourism. First, there's international tourism. Secondly, there's internal tourism. Both are important for a country!

What is a difference between forms and types?

Forms and Types are actually very much different. It is easier to explain with an example. Let us take the case of tourism. The different types of tourism are Inbound, Outbound and also the deomestic tourism. Therefore, 'types' are based on broad nature of the item we want to to classify. But, as far as Forms of tourism are concerned, the main distinguishing feature is the purpose for which travek is undertaken, such as adventure tourism, pilgrim tourism tourism and so on. Thus "types" are based on the broad nature and "forms" are based on the innate purpose. Sajan

What are the types of planning in tourism?

what are the types of tourism planning

How is different types of tourism developed?

it can be developed by cunducting more seminors and conferences.

What is a cruise tourism and types of cruise tourism?

what are the type of cruise tourism

What are the kinds of tourism?

There are many types of tourism that occur around the world on any given day. Some speciality types are eco-tourism, sports tourism, business tourism, accessible, active, adventure and many other types.

Give any two types of tourism?

Eco tourism,pilgrim tourism

What is international tourism and types of international tourism?


What are the different types of communications in tourism industry?

The tourism industry has several types of communication. States and attractions often have websites to display the attraction. Direct mail, telephone, and postal mail are other modes of communication.

Name 3 types of tourism?

Space Tourism, Geo tourism, and rural tourism just. to name a few

What are the types of ecotourism?

agro-tourism pro-poor tourism

15 types of tourism and its definition and examples?

dark tourism

What are two types of tourism?

The two types of tourism include domestic tourism and international tourism. In domestic tourism, a local in a country can move to another county or province as a tourist. In international tourism, people cross country borders to visit other countries.

What are the different types of tourism in Trinidad Tobago?

There are many different reasons why people go to Trinidad Tobago for tourism. Some of these include the many beaches and bays, and well-known cities, such as Marabella and Port-of-Spain.

What is tourism typology?

Typology is the study of type so tourism typology is the study of the types of tourism. For example: Wildlife Tourism; Eco-Tourism; Dark Tourism ect.

How do you explain different types of tourism?

Tourism is basically travelling to another destination for the purposes of recreation, leisure, or business.A person who travels to a destination and stays outside of where they usually live for more than 24 hours but less than one year is recognized as a tourist by the World Tourism Organization.The type of tourism depends on the reason for travel. Travel can be to destinations that are domestic or international.Domestic tourism involves residents travelling only within their country.Inbound and Outbound tourismboth describe types of international tourism.

What are the types of tourist product?

two types of tourism product

What are three types of tourism in the Bahamas?

have no answer

What is the importance of domestic tourism?

I think any student of tourism knows, there are several analyses which define different types of activity in the tourism market, and the most obvious, and basic, differentiation is: Inbound, Outbound and Domestic.

Development of different type of tourism?

Their a lot of different type of tourism. They are Eco- tourism, Community,Heritage/ Culture, Cruise & Special events.

What is any kind of tourism?

Medical tourism in India is one of the growing fields. The number of patients is increasing who visit for treatment in India. Patients will get the best and affordable treatment in India. India had a good number of doctors and hospitals which are doing a great job in Medical tourism. You can also compare the prices which the comparison chat of medical tourism. You can also contact different companies which are dealing in it such as Medicalayogya which is a startup in this field, and you will surely get a good offer from their side.

What is the different between tourist and tourism?

A tourist is the participant of tourism, whereas tourism is the actual act.

What are the different types of tourism promotion?

There are 8 main types of promotional materials used by leisure and tourism organisations. These are:AdvertisementsBrochures and leafletsPosters and other point of sales itemsMerchandisingVideosPress releaseComputers and the Internet-Monique Carla Gabisay

List the different types of tourism?

AADI MediTourAccessible tourismAgritourismArchaeological tourismAtomic tourismBenefit tourismBicycle touringBirth tourismBoat sharingBookstore tourismBooze cruiseChild sex tourismChristian tourismCouchSurfingCultural tourismDark tourismDay-tripperDental tourismDisaster tourismDrug tourismDynamic packagingEscorted tourExcursionExperimental travelSacred travelSafariScenic routeSelf-guided tourSetjettingSex tourismShark tourismSpace tourismSports tourismSpring breakStaycationSuicide tourismSustainable tourismTolkien tourismTombstone touristTourism geographyVillage tourismVirtual tourVolunteer travelWalking tourWar tourismWater tourismWhale watchingWildlife tourismWine tourism