What are different types of transportation?

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Cars, trucks, SUV's
Motorcycles, 4 Wheelers
Boats, ships
Trains, trolley, Tram
Airplanes, helicopters
Skateboards, snowboards
Sled, dog sled,cross country ski,ski
Horse, other animals
Hot air balloon
Sleigh, carriage
Rocket, shuttle
Metro line,taxi
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How does active transport differ from passive transport?

Active transport uses energy and passive transport doesn't. Active transport requires the cell to use its own energy,while passive transport doesn't. Active transport is the flow of substances from a lower concentration to a higher concentration gradient which uses energy in the form of ATP (Ade ( Full Answer )

What are 55 different types of transportations?

1.Car. 2.Motocyle. 3.Bike. 4.Scooter. 5.Horse Carriage. 6.Bus. 7.Subway. 8.train. 9.Skateborad. 10.Rollerblades. 11.Motoscooter. 12.Truck. 13.walking. 14.running. 15.skipping. 16.jogging. 17.elephant ride. 18.Hellys. 19.Dirtborad. 20.Boat. 21.ship. 22.Goat Ride. 23.Horse Ride. ( Full Answer )

How does facilitated transport differ from active transport?

Facilitated transport occurs when a substance moves from an area ofhigher concentration to an area of lower without the aid of energy.Active transport involves additional energy as it is moving from alower concentration into a higher concentration.

What are types of transport?

By land, by sea, and by air. Transport are objects that move by an engine example cars,planes,boats

How is transportation today different from transportation in the 1800s?

wagons, carriages, steamboats(early development), and canals as opposed to cars, buses, cruise ships, etc.. You Could Say That Now, Motors Have Taken Over Horses.. Cars Have Taken Over Wagons.. Roads have taken over Canals and tracks.. Big ships have taken Over Little rowing boats.

Explain the difference between passive transport and active transport Give several types of each and explain how they work?

when molecule travels from a higher concentration to a lower concentration through a concentration gradient.It is known as passive transport. Active transport refers to when molecule travels from a region of lower concentration to a region of higher concentration against the concentration gradiet. ( Full Answer )

How is active transport different from passive transport?

The movement of materials across the cell membrane without using cellular energy is called passive transport . The movement of materials against a concentration difference is known as active transport . Active transport requires energy.

Types of bulk transport in cell?

Bulk transport is in 2 forms, exocytosis and endocytosis. Each of these 2 forms can then be sub divided into phagocytosis (movement of solids) and pinocytosis (movement of liquids) When bulk transport occurs, a phospholipid bilayer membrane merges with the cell membrane, and forces the contents of t ( Full Answer )

What are the different types of water transportation careers?

The types of water transportation. You can be a mariner sometimes they go in the water Fishmen could catch fish using a boat A scientist would like to find new stuff to create medicines they would sometimes use submarines I hope I answered your question Good Luck

What are types of transportation?

generally; by air, land & sea Here is a list of transportation: . Monorail . Animals such as horse,buffalo,and oxen . Train . Car . Trolley . Truck . Plane . Helicopter . Hang Glider . Sky Lift . tram . Hope this helped . ship . run . jog . walk . taxi . boat . Motorcycle . Scoo ( Full Answer )

Name different types of transportation?

There are many different types of transportation. These include trains, planes and autos. We can also include bicycles, motorcycles and even skate boards.

What are different types of transportation from the past?

well there wasnt that many. there was riding horses,riding in a car but if you are talking about way way back then then people didnt have cars.and some people traveled by a train. i think there was the camel and donkeys also. the horse driven cart.

How is passive transport different then active transport?

An example of passive transport would be the process of osmosis (water diffusing between a membrane-- from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration). It is known as passive transport because no energy is needed in order to move the water across the membrane. When no energy is ne ( Full Answer )

What are the different types of cell transport?

The different types of cell transport are the active transport and the passive transport. The active transport is energetic and fast while the passive transport is slow and soothing. The answer could be Osmosis and Diffusion. The only difference between osmosis and diffusin is that osmosis involves ( Full Answer )

Different types of water transportation?


What are the types of transports?

Car Boat Bike Bus Motorbike Truck Ship Walk Run Powerwalk...... JK Anything that moves you from one place to another.

What are the four different types of river transportation?

There are Boats, canoes, man-made boats, and jet ski's. There are 4 types of transportation in rivers; traction is where larger rocks are rolled along the bed of the river solution is where small particles are dissolved in the water suspension is where small sand and silt sized particles a ( Full Answer )

What are different types of transport?

There are many types of transport. The most popular of them all is most likely travel by car. The Main Types of Transport; - Walking - Biking - Driving - Flying - Public Transportation (which is highly recommended in order to reduce everyones environmental footprint) - and more.

Types of transport?

There are many types of transport. Air transport (planes, helicopters, etc), road transport (cars, trucks, trains, buses), and water transport (boats, ships etc)

What type of transport do India use?

1 Traditional means . 1.1 Walking . 1.2 Palanquin . 1.3 Bullock carts and horse carriages . 1.4 Bicycles . 1.5 Hand-pulled rickshaw . 1.6 Cycle rickshaw . 1.7 Trams . 2 Local transport . 2.1 Public transport . 2.1.1 Buses . 2.1.2 Auto Rickshaws . 2.1.3 Taxi . 2.1.4 Rail . 2.2 Two-w ( Full Answer )

What are the different types of air transportation?

There are various types of air transportation such as commercial aircraft, privet planes, amphibious aircraft, helicopters, lighter than aircraft, hot air balloons, blimps, zeppelins, airplanes, and rockets.

How is active transportation different from passive transportation?

Active transport requires the input of chemical energy to transport substances through membrane proteins whereas passive transport does not need chemical energy to occur. Diffusion and osmosis occur naturally due to the concentration gradient which exists between two liquids and are a form of passiv ( Full Answer )

What types of transportation were used to travel between different region of the roman empire?

The ancients used the transportation of the day--wagons, oxcarts, pack mules, carriages of various types, horseback or even litters for land travel. Ships, naturally were used if the journey had to be made by sea. The ancients used the transportation of the day--wagons, oxcarts, pack mules, carriag ( Full Answer )

What type of transport is bulk transport?

Bulk transport of commercial items requires commercially licensedtrucks driven by license professionals. 3PL and transport companiesare known for their ability to bulk transport items across statesand even countries.

How is active transport different from pasive transport?

The major difference between them is the use of ATP which isrequired by active transport while passive transport does not needany energy (ATP). It means that active transport is the movement ofany substance from lower to higher concentration, while passivetransport is the movement from higher to low ( Full Answer )

What are the types of passive transport and how are they different?

Osmosis is the spontaneous movement of solvent molecules through apartially permeable membrane. Simple diffusion is the thermalmotion of all particles at temperatures above absolute zero.Facilitated diffusion is the process of spontaneous passivetransport of molecules or ions.