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Which can occur in a physical change?

The mass can increase. The particles can arrange in different ways. The mass can decrease. The atoms can bond to different atoms.

How many different ways can you make 50 cents in change?

how different ways can you make 50 cents in change

What are 3 substances that can undergo chemical change?

Every substance can undergo a chemical change. There are different ways for a chemical change to occur; three examples may be burning wood, bleaching hair, and rusting iron. Each chemical change results in a different substance.

How do different countries approach climate change?

In different ways.

How many different ways can you change a dollar into coins?

263 ways

What are the different ways that culture change can occur?

I think that one reason culture changes is that the population of a country or area of a country changes. Different cultures bring their traditions and beliefs with them. The media also plays a role in culture change, the way they present different cultures has an influence on us also.

What is change in the DNA is called what?

A mutation. It may occur in many ways, but that's what it's called.

Cite evidences to show that earthquakes occur at the boundaries between plates?

example of these is the plates are moving in different ways and when it move the earthquake will occur

What are the different ways by which transport can occur across the cell membrane?

Transport across the cell can happen in several different ways, and some of those ways are: -filitated diffusion, diffusion, going with a constant gradient, etc.

What is the multiplication principle?

If one event can occur in "m" ways and a second can occur independently of the first in "n" ways, then the two events can occur in "mn" ways.

In how many different ways can you make change for one dollar without using pennies?

291 ways

What are two different ways to change drag on an airplane?

Speed and flaps.

What does it mean when organisms evolve?

they change in ways or mutate in to a different form.

The ratio of the number of ways an event can occur to the number of ways the event cannot occur?


Does a change in motion occur only if a net force is exerted on an object?

No. Changes in motion can occur in other ways. A change in motion can occur if that object exerts a net force on another object, like another ball on a billiard table. The object could also bump into an immovable object and its motion would change.

How did the industrial revolution change the ways in which products were manufactured?

it made out of different material

Courtship and marriage pattern in Europe?

Europe has many different countries and there would be many different ways that courtship and marriage occur in those countries.

What is the number of ways poisoning can occur?

15 ways.

How many different ways are there to add prime numbers to make a sum of 15?

Eight different ways.Eight different ways.Eight different ways.Eight different ways.

Role of media in for daily life?

media can change our daily lives in different ways.

Describe 2 different ways humans have impacted climate change?


How many times does rock change form one to another?

5 different ways

Why does a piano have pedals?

Because The pedals are used to change the sound of the instrument in different ways.

How do you adapt to change?

Different people adapt to change in different ways. While some people simply shift their priorities, others may shut down emotionally.

How do you change hair texture?

There are a few different ways you could change your hair's texture. The best way to change hair texture is by getting a perm.