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What are disadvantages of precast concrete piles?

They have a higher handling cost

What is precast concrete?

precast concrete manufactring the members of construction out site - using concret material-

How do you use the word precast in a sentence?

the consist of precast slabs fixed on concrete posts

Comparision between insitu concrete and precast concrete?

their spelling is difference

Can precast concrete be cut to fit?


What is the meaning of precast concrete?

Unlike concrete that is poured on-site, high-quality precast concrete is produced in a controlled factory environment using advanced manufacturing techniques.Reinforcement is placed into reuseable and adjustable moulds, and concrete is poured, vibrated and cured. If specified, architectural finishes (such as honing, polishing or staining) may then be applied while still in the factory. The finished precast elements are then transported to the site and then craned into position.Precast concrete is a highly versatile product available in a vast range of different sizes, shapes, and cove concrete finish. Precast products are used in a variety of applications, including buildings, civil construction, raft slab, and landscaping.

What has the author Joseph J Waddell written?

Joseph J. Waddell has written: 'Concrete construction handbook' -- subject- s -: Concrete construction 'Construction materials ready-reference manual' -- subject- s -: Building materials, Handbooks, manuals 'Precast concrete: handling and erection' -- subject- s -: Precast concrete, Precast concrete construction 'Concrete inspection manual' -- subject- s -: Concrete, Testing

What has the author Martin J Gutzwiller written?

Martin J. Gutzwiller has written: 'Use of precast, prestressed concrete for bridge decks' -- subject(s): Bridges, Floors, Precast concrete, Prestressed concrete, Testing

What has the author A H Gustaferro written?

A. H. Gustaferro has written: 'Design for fire resistance of precast prestressed concrete' -- subject(s): Fire testing, Precast concrete, Prestressed concrete 'Fire resistance of prestressed concrete beams' -- subject(s): Concrete beams, Fire testing, Testing

How do you make precast concrete?

Precast concrete is a construction product produced by casting concrete in a reusable mold or "form" which is then cured in a controlled environment, transported to the construction site and lifted into place ("tilt-up"). In contrast, standard concrete is poured into site-specific forms and cured on site.

Who was the Architect known for using precast concrete?

Frank Lloyd Wright

Why the precast girders are used instead of reinforced cement concrete girders?

becos precast girders are not cast in -site and therefore faster. they also available in standard size.

What is the Difference between precast and prefabricated concrete?

Prefabricated is a general term for anything that is assembled in a factory rather than on-site. Precast would be specifically applicable to anything that could be formed in a mold (concrete, perhaps glass, metal, etc.).

What can you do with concrete?

With concrete and precast concrete you can build fences, walls, concrete sound walls, pre-cast concrete perimeter walls, masonry walls, masonry screen walls and more! If you are interested in having a concrete or precast fence, perimeter, sound wall, masonry wall or masonry screen wall, then go to the links below for more information. Well you can make walls, houses, bricks and so on.

What has the author T Koncz written?

T. Koncz has written: 'Manual of precast concrete construction'

What is precast in situ?

It means "Cast In Place". This is like when you form concrete and place it in liquid form. This is opposite of "Precast" which means that it is formed some place else and moved to its final location after it hardens.

What are the classes of pile foundations?

Timber piles, Concrete piles, steel piles, composite piles,Driven cast in situ piles, Bored cast in situ piles, Driven precast piles, Bored precast piles,Prestressed concrete piles, under reamed Piles

How do you install a precast concrete wheel stop?

Concrete wheel stops are typically pinned into the paving using 18" long 3/4" diameter rebar.

Various Benefits of Precast Concrete Construction ?

Precast concrete is a concrete construction product that is made using molds under controlled process conditions. They are later on shipped to the construction sites for use. This technique first evolved in 1904, helps in the creation of concrete products that are much better in uniformity and quality as compared to the usual concreted that is poured and cured on the construction site. Prefabricated concrete is made in the plants that maintain controlled conditions resulting in a much better strength and quality than concrete construction. As these products are produced in the precast molds, the concrete gets a chance to cure to the desired specifications. There are numerous advantages of using these precast concrete products in various constructions. As compared to the concrete construction, these precast concrete blocks have greater fire resistance, strength, resistance to chemicals, lower maintenance costs, easy and quick installation and aesthetics. The plants processing precast concrete products have a specialization in this process and can offer them in various sizes, shapes, finish or colors that are not possible in the usual concrete construction projects. The cost of construction also reduces significantly as molds can be easily reused again and again. Aside from this, precast concrete products are made for connecting with one another to make a structure, so they save lot of expenses on labor as well. They also save lot of construction time as they are just lifted and installed in place in a mechanized way. Precast concrete products are being used worldwide for various construction projects. Many high risers, houses, warehouses, building walls, pump stations, containers for storing waste, transportation structures like platform risers and terminal buildings are made using precast concrete. Many houses are now being made using precast concrete walls because they are more durable and entail low labor cost. The walls made using prefabricated concrete can last much longer than simple concrete construction due to their high resistance to elements. The walls that are made using prefabricated concrete can either be single layered or double layered according to the design requirements. The double layered walls are sometimes called sandwich walls because they have a wide layer of insulation in between the two concrete layers. As these walls are made to the exact specifications, they can be produced with the exact access openings for doors, windows or pipes.

What is precast concrete panel?

A precast concrete panel is: A panel, tile, counter, Fin, wall etc that is usually poured in a controlled manufacturing facility (although it can be poured on site) into a mold of a specific shape. Whether it is mass produced or a custom shape the precast panel is usually finished (sealed) before installation (although, again this also can be done on site). There are 2 ways to istall concrete products: Pour on site or precast and install. There are many pros and cons for each process. Which method to use depends on what the customer/architect/designer/engineer is trying to accomplish.

Is GFRC the same thing as precast?

NO.GFRC stands for glass fiber reinforced concrete. Precast is concrete (typically reinforced with steel) poured at a factory (rather than cast at the job site)For GFRC information see http:/ for gfrc guidebooks, technical information etc.

What has the author A S Safier written?

A. S. Safier has written: 'The application of prestressing to improve the stability of precast concrete structures'

What is the applications of prestressed concrete?

Applications of prestressed concrete:Used in large diameter concrete pipesUsed in railway sleepersWater tanksPrecast concrete piles to counter tensile stress during transport and erection. used in bridges construction

What are the special function of concrete?

Special functions of concrete:It is used in building residential houses, apartments,etc.,It is used in precast elements.It is used in underwater constructionIt is used to construct infrastructures.

What is box culvert?

Box culvert can be described as either a precast concrete or reinforced concrete structure in rectangular figure, facilitating water flow through an embankment of road,etc,as a similar function performed by concrete pipe culvert.