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Surfactants are the compounds that break down grease and oil.

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What ingredient in dish soap breaks down fat?

I'm doing a science project for this type of thing and i needed to know this. i know for a fact that it is the surfactants in the dish soap but i still don't know which type.

Is the dish soap an acid or a base?

From what I could find dish soap is an acid base. No no no, dish soap is basic.

Is Mr.Clean a type of dish soap?

Yes, it is a dish soap.

Who made dawn the dish soap?

dawn dish soap is a oil based soap

Which type of soap removes more grease hand soap dish soap or shampoo?

Dish soap. Dawn Dish Soap is known to remove grease better than anything.

What is the difference between liquid soap and dawn?

Dawn is detergent, not soap. Soap is made from saponified fats; detergent is made from synthetic surfactants.

What is in dish-soap?

dish-soap is actually soap used for dishes. can be bought anywhere,even a store near you

Are Dawn dish soap and Palmolive dish soap the same?

As in dish-washing liquid, Yes. brands, No.

Who created dish soap?

William sheppard was the one who created dish soap.

Why dish soap removed more grease?

because its dish soap. it was made to do that.

Why Is dish soap net discontinued?

why was soap net discontinued on dish network

What dish soap has the longest lasting suds?

There are many dish soaps that have long lasting suds. They include: Joy Dishwashing Soap Palmolive Dawn Liquid Dish Soaps Ivory Dish Soap Natural Home Dish Soap Ajax Liquid Dish Soaps Mandarin Coriander Dishwashing Liquid J.R. Watkins Natural Liquid Dish Soaps Shaklee Dish Soap

Can you use regular dish soap dawn in a dish washer?

Nope - you have to use special dish washing soap

Why is soap used to wash a greasy pan that was used to cook a baked chicken?

Dish soap would cut the grease left behind on the baking pan. They contain surfactants to loosen food particles. The grease would enter the water and go down the drain.

Does dish soap contain ammonia?

Some do, you really have to check the bottle. I don't recommend mixing dish soap and bleach

Origin of dish soap?

what dish soap makes the most suds my my science project?

What are the ingredients in Ajax dish soap?

the main ingredient in ajax dish soap is triclosan

Does dish soap affect algae?

Yes, dish soap does affect algae. Because of the chemicals and cleaning agents, the dish soap will help break down the algae.

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