What are dispatchers?

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Dispatchers schedule and dispatch workers, equipment, or service vehicles to carry materials or passengers. They keep records, logs, and schedules of the calls that they receive, the transportation vehicles that they monitor and control, and the actions that they take. They maintain information on each call and then prepare a detailed report on all activities occurring during their shifts. Many dispatchers employ computer-aided dispatch systems to accomplish these tasks. The work of dispatchers varies greatly, depending on the industry in which they work. Regardless of where they work, all dispatchers are assigned a specific territory and have responsibility for all communications within that area. Many work in teams, especially dispatchers in large communications centers or companies. One person usually handles all dispatching calls to the response units or company drivers, while the other members of the team usually receive the incoming calls and deal with the public. Police, fire, and ambulance dispatchers, also called public safety dispatchers, monitor the location of emergency services personnel from any one or all of the jurisdiction

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Q: What are dispatchers?
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Does mclane trucking company employ dispatchers?

Yes I'm currently a driver there and deal with our dispatchers daily. Every company that has drivers has dispatchers.

When was American Train Dispatchers Association created?

American Train Dispatchers Association was created in 1917.

What union represents new york city transit authority's dispatcher?

Dispatchers are represented by subway/surface dispatchers association, transit supervisors association, twu local 100 dispatchers association

What is the salary for police dispatchers?


Do police dispatchers have the same authority of a police officer?

Not normally. There are still a few places where 911 dispatchers/call takers are sworn peace officer, but they are in the minority. The vast majority of dispatchers are civilians with no arrest authority.

Who is the patron saint of 911 dispatchers?

There are no patron saints of 911 dispatchers but St. Michael the Archangel is the patron saint of emergency medical technicians and other emergency workers. He would probably be willing to accept prayers from dispatchers as well.

Who make more plumbers or dispatchers?

Dispatchers make more because, They make schedules and coordinate which plumber go out to which job or work. Plumbing dispatchers keep records and maintain logs for plumbing vehicles and equipment. When someone calls for a plumber on an emergency basis, the dispatcher will determine which plumber to send out.

What is the divorce rate for police dispatchers?

The divorce rate for police dispatchers is approximately 12 percent. In the criminal justice field, the divorce rate is quite high because of the careers strenuous hours and the safety concerns.

How much do railroad dispatchers make?

80,000 per year at Union Pacific RR

What are Dispatch danger zones?

Areas in the dispatch environment that may expose dispatchers or agencies to civil liability.

Who is the patron saint of lifesavers?

Michael the Archangel is the patron saint of paramedics, and Gabriel is the patron saint of emergency dispatchers.

Why does a police officer have to keep a police log?

Dispatchers log all of the police's activity. This log is kept because of court. Anything can happen and most likely will happen. The log shows the court every step that was taken. Dispatchers record everything that is said on the radio and what time it was said. It is a official document.

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