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What are dispatchers?

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Dispatchers schedule and dispatch workers, equipment, or service

vehicles to carry materials or passengers. They keep records, logs,

and schedules of the calls that they receive, the transportation

vehicles that they monitor and control, and the actions that they

take. They maintain information on each call and then prepare a

detailed report on all activities occurring during their shifts.

Many dispatchers employ computer-aided dispatch systems to

accomplish these tasks. The work of dispatchers varies greatly,

depending on the industry in which they work. Regardless of where

they work, all dispatchers are assigned a specific territory and

have responsibility for all communications within that area. Many

work in teams, especially dispatchers in large communications

centers or companies. One person usually handles all dispatching

calls to the response units or company drivers, while the other

members of the team usually receive the incoming calls and deal

with the public. Police, fire, and ambulance dispatchers, also

called public safety dispatchers, monitor the location of emergency

services personnel from any one or all of the jurisdiction

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