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What are dog breeds?

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Dog breeds are basically a "type" of dog. Some examples are Jack Russell Terrier, Fox Terrier, Puli, Afghan Hound etc. etc blah blah blah! Whereas such titles as sheepdog, terrier, spaniel, etc. relate more to the breed's original/current use. Take the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. They are a spaniel. The rest of the name, Cavalier King Charles relates to the brreds specific use so that if there were ever a cavalier king Charles terrier there would be a difference. For a list of AKC recognized breeds go to the provided link!

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Are there more dog breeds or cat breeds?

There are more dog breeds.

How many dog breeds?


How many dog breeds and mixes are there?

it is believed to have 355 breeds of dog including mix breeds.

How may dog breeds are there?

There are over 400 dog breeds in the world.

How many purebred dog breeds are there?

There are 108 purebred dog breeds

How many dog breeds are there in the US?

over 3600 dog breeds

How many dog breeds are from the US?

Over 36000 Dog breeds

What are the names of 5 dog breeds?

Five dog breeds are schnauzers, dobermans, poodles, German shepherds, and dachshunds are five dog breeds.

What dog breeds are considered to be bully dogs?

The dog breeds that are considered to be bully dogs are breeds such as the pit bull, the boxer, the Boston terrier, bull terrier,and the bull dog breeds.

How many different dog breeds are there?

157 different types of dog breeds

What are some of the smallest and largest dog breeds?

smallest to largest dog breeds

What dog breeds have smushed in noses?

There are a number of dog breeds that known for their smushed in noses. These include dog breeds such as the pug, the French bulldog, and the pekingnese.

How are new dog breeds created?

New dog breeds are created by different breeds have sex and then it will be a whole new breed

How many breeds of dog does The Dog Artlist Collection cover?

The Dog Artlist Collection covers around 70 breeds of dog.

How many dog breeds are recognised in Australia?

there are 5-7 Australian dog breeds

What are rare dog breeds?

You can view some rare dog breeds in the related link.

How many dog breeds are there-?

As of January 2014, there are approximately 157 dog breeds in the world.

What trains fast a dog or a dog hybrid?

Dog hybrid depending on the mix of the breeds. Then they have the same qualites of both breeds.

How do you unlock all the dog breeds on petz my puppy family?

codes will unlock the dog breeds

How small can a dog stay?

dog breeds

How many types of dog breeds are there?

There are over 600 dog breeds in the world.There is over 125 different dog breeds registered in the kennel club that doesn't mean the whole world.

What are all the dogs that are mixed-breeds?

There are many breeds of dogs. If you go to the Dog Breeds link below they have all the breeds listed A-Z with pictures and information on that particular breed of dog. They have pure bred and mixed breeds and hybrids.

Which dog breed can live the longest?

Smaller dog breeds tend to have longer life spans than larger dog breeds.

What are all the different types of dog breeds?

a lot.

How many dogs breeds are in the world?

there are about 400 dog breeds.