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Usually to ward off evil spirits, and to attract good ones.

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Who made Dream catchers?

Native Americans

How old are dream catchers?

Dream catchers have been around since ojibways were born ! They always made them :) Hope it Helos !

What colors were dream catchers?

Dream catchers were and are made of many different colors, according to the artist's preference and the available materials.

Did the Inca use dream-catchers?

NoDream catchers are Southwestern Native American, United States.

Did the Aztecs have dream catchers?

No. Dream catchers are specifically from the Ojibwe tribe.

What is the duration of The Dream Catchers?

The duration of The Dream Catchers is 2700.0 seconds.

Do the eastern woodland native Americans make dream catchers?

did they use dream catchers

Did Cherokee Indians make dream catchers?

yes they have alot of different dream catchers,

How are Dream Catchers used?

the native americans used to use them......well all dream catchers do is when you have a bad dream it'll go into the dream catcher

Did the Comanches make dream catchers?

Yes they did use dream catchers to filter bad spirits from their dreams.

Did the plains Indians have dream catchers?

Yes, the plains idians did in fact use dream catchers, for some reason that i have forgotten

Can dream catchers be used for different reasons if made differently?

no it can not it is for when you have bad dreams and the dream catcher is to cacth the bad dreams you were havin

What are dream catchers made from?

stick's bark, and waxed string Most dream catchers are made from natural items like small branches and the webbing is made from sinew. Today you can purchase metal rings that can be covered in leather and imitation sinew. I still craft mine from natural items for those who ask.

What tribes use dream catchers?


What where dream catchers used for?

For bad dreams.

Where are the dream catchers in six guns?


Did aboriginals use dream catchers?

no they didn't.

Did the Navajos make dream catchers?

yes they did

Did the mound builders use dream catchers?


What are some arts and crafts that the Indians made?

sand paintings and dream catchers are two I can think of, they also made jewelry out of turquoise.

Do the Cheyenne Indians make dream catchers?

yes they did.

What is the artwork of the Sioux Indians?

Dream Catchers is one.

What did the eastern woodland Indians make?

Dream catchers

Did the Pequot Indians make dream catchers?


What kind of crafts did Apaches make?

They made old crafts like dream catchers, paintings, and tiki huts to live in.