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A dry contact is a contact that does not provide voltage. For instance, the push-to-talk switch of a microphone, which just closes a circuit without providing voltage.

A wet contact is a contact that will provide voltage when closed, like the switch on the wall that activates the 110 VAC outlet to turn a lamp on in a room.
+------o o---------(o)

Dry contact

+------o o---------(o)
--- Wet contact

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How do you dry out a wet paperback book?

ive never had much luck with this. most paper backs are made ofcheaper paper and when the pages get wet the binders in the paperten to disolve a bit and adhere the pages together on drying. hardcovers are usually easier to dry. you best chance is to the standthe book on end over a room temp source o ( Full Answer )

Is it better for your hair to be wet or dry?

Wet Hair or Dry Hair? It is better for your hair to be dry. Why? Well, it depends on where you are, or what you are doing. If you are sleeping with wet hair, that might make you sick. Nothing serious, just a minor cold maybe. For me, having wet hair is uncomforable, but that might be different for ( Full Answer )

How do you dry out wet soil?

Make sure you aerate the top soil, this will make sure that the extra moisture is evaporated out. If that doesnt help try to dig small holes in the soil to create more surface area for evaporation and that should drive out as much moisture as possible. and obviously to stimulate evaporation keep in ( Full Answer )

What is definition for dry wet prints?

Answer . wet prints are those in which fabri is either dyed or printed. dry prints are the fancy prints like flock prints, burn out prints.

What is wet hire and dry hire?

DRY HIRE - Equipment may be "dry hired" ie without an operator or labour, or can come "wet" ie with operator(s). - www.skillset.org

How do you dry a wet baseball glove?

You can use a hairdryer or set it on a windowsill. The window magnifies the sun's light and heat so it will dry it quick without using electricity. It will work even better if you have a wooden windowsill that is brown or black. They have a lower albedo, (reflection of heat). I personally suggest th ( Full Answer )

How do you dry out an iPhone that has gotten wet?

The short: A drying agent and using a small amount of dry heat to completely rid your iPhone of any moisture. 1. Take iPhone out of water immediately & turn off (if your phone isn't responding, try holding the power button and menu button for about 10 seconds to do a manual reset). 2. Dry all m ( Full Answer )

What are wet and dry bulb thermometer?

The common thermometer for measuring body heat and outside temperatures are dry bulb thermometers. The wet bulb thermometer is modified with a wet cloth at the tip. The wet bulb thermometer may be attached to a string to swing it around through the air. The purpose of this would be to allow the bulb ( Full Answer )

Wet and dry bulb thermometer?

Wet bulb thermometer is a regular thermometer but the base that is the part where the mercury get stored is kept in some wet condition depend on the humidity level you want to check and then we are checking the environmental temperature. It mainly used for scientific purposes and not for regular use ( Full Answer )

How do you dry a wet electrical outlet?

While powerwashing, water ran down the cord into the outdoor electrical outlet. Sparks flew, and the fuse "blew" into the off position on the master panel. I tried using a blowdryer, and it worked temporarily, then the fuse blew again. I tried using a fan blowing directly into the outlet also, but t ( Full Answer )

What is dry cell and wet cell?

a dry cell is a cell that has electrolyte that is a paste a wet cell is a cell that has a liquid electrolyte -sads

How do you dry a wet llama?

\nBring it to a mini golf course and stick it in a flying apples kidney.. \nBring it to a mini golf course and stick it in a flying apples kidney.. \nBring it to a mini golf course and stick it in a flying apples kidney.

How do you dry out a wet paper?

Best thing to do is blowdry it. If you have plenty of time, then leave it on a dry counter, beside somewhere where wind is blown, if possible.

How can you dry wet cocaine?

put a plate ine the microwave for about a min, then take the plate out let it cool just a bit u want it to be warm but not to hot, then put the coke on the plate it will dry the cocaine, and will go bk to normal, do not put the coke in the microwave unless u wnat to cook some crack tghen add some b ( Full Answer )

How do you get wet shoes dry fast?

Stuff them tight with newspaper. The tighter the better. Wait 10 minutes, restuff them with fresh newspaper. Repeat again in 20 minutes, then every hour or so until the newspaper comes back out dry. Overnight is best, but if you can't wait, keep stuffing!

What is meant by wet and dry steam?

Dry steam is superheated , meaning more heat has been added resulting in no liquid phase present and the heat of vaporazation has been surpassed adding to the total enthahpy of the vapor. Wet steam is much like the steam rising from a pot of boiling water.

How do you dry a wet cat?

Lightly with a towel, taking care not to scare the cat. When the worst of the water is off, let the cat groom itself until dry. Keep it indoors as wind-chill could make it ill.

What is the difference between wet-on-wet and wet-on-dry painting?

"Wet on wet" or "wet in wet" means that you are applying wet paint (usually oil, artist's colours) to a surface that you have already painted which is still wet. If using oil, then your surface would be oil based, such as linseed oil or turpentine. This technique enables you to move and blend the pa ( Full Answer )

How can you dry wet timberland boots?

The best way to dry Timberland boots is by air drying. Another wayis by using a blow drier or a person can also use a leaf blower todry quickly.

Is Antarctica wet or dry?

Antartica is a very cold continent, and even though it has a lot ofsnow that is very humid, the air is very dry.

Which is better dry or wet cell?

Neither is necessarily better. They have their uses. You would not want to use a wet cell battery in a phone, or camera. These type items are stored upside down and the battery fluid could leak out. In a vehicle they work well but not on most other items.

What is wet well and dry well?

Typically, a wet well is also regarded as a pump station. Water collected in a hole or stone filled hole is moved by a pump to another location. A dry well operates under the influence of gravity, alone. water collected in a hole (or prefab structure) dissipates into the soil where it merges with ( Full Answer )

Is Florida wet or dry?

I would think Florida would be fairly wet since Florida gets a lot of sea breeze initiated thunderstorms. It would actually be very humid. There's a lot of water nearby, and high temperatures which in turn cause a lot of humidity. It's also good to note that Florida is right next the Gulf of Me ( Full Answer )

Why is dry ice dry and not wet?

Dry ice does not melt in to a puddle like water ice does. This is because dry ice is made of nothing more than CO2. CO2 cannot exist in liquid form under earth's atmosphere. For this reason, when dry ice heats up, it sublimates in to CO2 gas.

What countries are tropical wet and dry?

brazilOne country that is tropical wet and dry is South Asia. Othercountries that are tropical wet and dry are South America and EastAsia.

What are examples of wetting and drying?

Wetting: humidification of conditioned air, humidification of clothes during a rain, etc. Drying: deleting water from humid sand, deleting water from humid dishes, etc.

Can you dry a wet cigar in the oven?

No. Let it dry over a long period of time in your humidor. If it starts to mold, toss it. Do not let it ruin other good smokes.

Is Greece a wet or dry climate?

Greece is a normal climate. It can be cold, hot, dry( not really dry) or rainy. A bit like france

What happens to your wet shoe if you do not dry it?

Bacteria love to live in a such a cool temperature it will simply defuse because of that salts, ammonia or any poison your body losing or watering it out while you walking or doing exercise so this will stuck in your shoe giving you a bad smell

What makes dry food wet and wet food dry?

Wet food comes in a can or pouch and it contains water. Dry dog food is basically no water and basically dehydrated to remove moisture

Are jungles wet or dry?

It depends on where the jungle is located. Like if it is an tropical jungle it will most probably be wet why? because it rains a lot.

Is a highland wet or dry?

Highlands are warm and dry during the summer, but , cool and wet , during the winter.

Why does savanna have a dry and wet climate?

Savana is aka The grassland. In order for plants to grow there has to be water. Also many savannas are near deserts which is the reason they r dry

Do you do wet or dry carpet cleaning?

There are many methods of carpet cleaning available and each has it purpose. In general "dry" cleaning methods are referred to as "Low moisture" and involves the use of a chemical or compound that is applied to the carpet after a very diligent job of pre vacuuming, agitated thoroughly, and then remo ( Full Answer )

How do you dry a wet dog?

if the dog has long hair use a hairdryer but if it has short hair use a towel

When was the wet dry vacuum created?

The wet dry vacuum was created in the 1900's. They were created before the year of 2000, because they had all of the equipment they needed to create the vacuum.

How do you dry up wet soil?

It depends on the amount of soil and how the soil is currentlybeing used. If it's a small amount of soil and it's not surroundinga potted plant or other type of plant, you can spread it in ashallow pan and heat it in the oven. If it's in a pot surrounding a plant, you could aim a hair dryer onit on ( Full Answer )

Does maritime mean wet or dry?

It means both, depending on how you look at at it. But if wet & dry is not acceptable then just put wet.

If you get dry wall wet is it dry wall or wet wall?

The old labor intensive way of putting up walls had wet plasterattached to and around slats of wood (called lathing) where itdried into a wall. The current technology uses large panels made of dry plaster likematerial called Dry Wall attached to wall studs by nail, screw orglue. Another name for Dry ( Full Answer )