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What are duties of sales assistant?

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conclude the sales

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What are the duties and responsibilities of a sales assistant?

A sales assistant helps in sales. They sometimes assist the sales manager with office duties. They are responsible to help complete paperwork as well.

What are the duties of a sales man assistant at cash build in Namibia?

to carry water.

What is a commercial assistant what do they do?

some duties are for collecting information, sales and collecting bills. same as commercial assistant duties are to encourage sales by going door to door. for Example the duty of a commercial assistant in a Electric power supply company is to go to door to check the bill payment status.

What is the duties of a sales assistant in a shop?

Sales assistants greet customers as they enter, and assisting customers find what they are looking for. Other duties include ringing up sales, balancing cash register receipts with sales, stocking shelves, and keeping the area tidy.

What is the duties of sales lady?

what are the duties of a sales supervisor? what are the functions a supervisor? what are the duties of a marketer? what are the duties of a sales lady of a cosmetic product?

What does a Sales Assistant do?

A sales assistant supports sales and marketing managers by tracking, investigating, and reporting sales information; resolving problems. A sales assistant prepares sales presentations by compiling data.

What is the duties and responsibilities of sales promoter?

what is the duties and responsibilities of sales promoter

What are the duties and responsibilities of commercial assistant?

what is the duties of commercial assistant in rajsthan electric city board.

What are the duties of Assistant sales marketing officer?

It its a person whos job to promote and to market the product and it its responsible to serve and entertain the customers

What was your main achievements working as a sales assistant?

what are your main achievements as a sales assistant in bank

What are the duties of junior administrative assistant?

what are the responsibilities of an administrative assistant

What is involved in a medical assistant job?

The different duties that is involved in a medical assistant job is to assistant the doctor with all different aspects of medical, administrative and other duties.

Duties of sales coordinator?

duties of sale coordinator duties of sale coordinator

What are the Duties and responsibilities of audit assistant?

roles & Responsibilities of audit assistant

What is roles and responsibilities of cargo assistant?

duties and responsibilities of cargo assistant

What are the duties and responsibilities of sales demo?

sales demo

What are the duties of an Engineering Assistant?

check your answer

What is the criteria of the sales assistant position?

There is no formal degree that is required to become a sales assistant. Sales assistants should have a customer service background and some experience with sales.

How much does a Bank assistant manager make?

a Bank assistant manager duties

What do you mean by Divisional Assistant. what are the duties and works as a Divisional Assistant?


What is the duties of a marketing assistant in a bank?

The marketing assistant will perform whatever duties the marketing director asks him or her to perform. The marketing assistant may have projects of his or her own to complete or be asked to collaborate.

What is the achievement of Sale Assistant?

giving better ideas for sales promotion and it results in increase in sales and improves name of the company is the achivement of the sales assistant

What are the best objectives for sales lady?

to do your duties as a sales lady

What are the duties and responsibilities of sales assistance?

The duties and responsibilities of the sale assistant includes answering queries from customers, stocking the shelves with merchandise, getting involved in stock management and control, and help the shoppers find the products and goods that they are looking for.

What are the responsibilities of assistant cook?

The responsibilities of an assistant cook mainly revolve around assisting the cook in the various duties. An assistant cook is as good as the main cook and can perform all duties of a cook.

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