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Elements contained in 80 percent of known compounds?

the answer is... carbon C.J. Adams in lisbon pws m school

What element contained in eighty percent of known compounds?

Aluminum ?

What are compounds that are formed by elements?

Today are known approx. 65.106 chemical compounds.

What is the name of the element contained in 80 of known compounds?


How deos the number of known compounds compare with the number of known elements?

There are at least five million distinct chemical compounds known. This compares to only 91 naturally occurring elements and about thirty more synthetic elements.

Which element do all compounds contain?

Bit of a silly question.There is no one specific element that allcompounds contain.Carbon dioxide is a compound containing only carbon and oxygen, and none of the other dozens of known elements. Common salt contains only sodium and chlorine, neither of which is contained in carbon dioxide.Any two examples of compounds with no elements in common iare enough to show that there is no element that must be contained by all compounds.Yawn.Dennis R.

What are the composition of inorganic compounds?

inorganic compounds are composed of all other elements known.

Metal compounds made of two or more metallic elements are known as?

Metal compounds made of two or more metallic elements are usually called ALLOYS. However, there are true compounds and these are often known simply as inter-metallic compounds.

What type of compounds pounds make up 90 percent of all known compounds?


Are there more elements or non-elements?

Non-elements. There are only around 118 known elements, there are millions of compounds made of those elements.

Can The same elements can combine to form many different compounds?

Yes: The elements carbon and hydrogen can combine to form the many compounds known as hydrocarbons.

Are elements denser than compounds?

Elements are often denser than compounds, but not always. In fact the least dense substance known is hydrogen, which is an element.

The elements or compounds produced by a chemical reaction are known as what?

... as product(s)

How many compounds be differentiated from elements and mixtures?

Now approx. 60 000 000 chemical compounds are known.

Percent of all known compounds containing carbon?

butter flys

Why d block elements are known as outer transition elements?

They are known as outer transition elements b'coz they possess variable valecies and they also form coloured complex compounds..

What kind of compounds make up over 90 percent of all known compounds?

carbohydrates fo sho ;)

Does gold combined with other elements?

Yes, many compounds of gold are known.

What elements or compounds are found in comets?

Comets are made of a particle known as 'your mom'.

Are there more non-elements then elements?

Yes, of course: There are no more than 130 elements yet known, but millions of organic compounds alone, not to mention all the inorganic compounds and probably billions of mixtures.

Why inorganic chemistry is known as inorganic chemistry?

Inorganic chemistry is known as such because it does not include organic compounds. Some examples of organic compounds are carbon based compounds, hydrocarbons, and the derivatives of these two groups. Organic compounds generally include the elements carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, the halogen group, and elements such as silicon, sulfur, and phosphorus.

Which group in the periodic table contains elements that do no react easily to form chemical compounds?

Group 18 elements, which are also known as noble gases, rarely form chemical compounds.

True or false the elements or compounds produced by a chemical reaction are known as reactants?


Can silver be combined with other elements?

Yes, many chemical compounds of silver are known.

What compound make up over 90 percent of all known compounds?


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