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What are elements in acetone?

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The elements that are in Acetone are hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon.

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What is acetone made up of?

Acetone is a type of pure compound that is made of three elements. Hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen are the three elements that make up acetone.

What elements are in acetone?

Carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen

What elements make up acetone?

Acetone's has the formula C3H6O. The elements that makeup this organic compound are hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen. Acetone also is called propanone.

Which elements are used to make nail polish remover?


Does acetone reacts with acetone?

No, because when you add acetone to acetone, all you are doing is adding more of the volume of acetone to acetone. You are just changing the amount of acetone, not anything chemically happening.

Examples of organic elements?

Not organic elements but organic compounds as methanol, ethanol, benzene, acetone, glucose, acetic acid, dexamethazone, cyclohexane, carbon tetrachloride, etc.

What is a good substitute for acetone?

We use acetone in our paint shop and I wnat to know what is a good sustitute for acetone, keeping the properties close to Acetone. We use acetone in our paint shop and I wnat to know what is a good sustitute for acetone, keeping the properties close to Acetone.

Is acetone aromatic or aliphatic compound?

(acetone is aromatic) Acetone is not even a little aromatic because acetone does not fit's in Huekel's rule.

How many styrofoam peanuts will dissolve in acetone?

Depends on how much acetone you use, the strength of the acetone, and the size of the conatiner your combining the acetone and the peanuts in.

What happens to acetone molecules when you add heat to a breaker of liquid acetone?

Acetone molecules evaporate when you add heat to a beaker of liquid acetone.

Acetone in oxygen?

Acetone burns in oxygen.

Is acetone a degreaser?

Yes. Acetone is a degreaser

Is acetone mixture or compound?

Acetone is a compound.

Chemical composition of Acetone?

Acetone is CH3COCH3

Is Acetone or hexane more polar?


What is the color of acetone?

Acetone is a colorless liquid.

Can acetone be used in cars?

Its ethanol.. NOT acetone!!

Is acetone hygroscopic?

Acetone is not known as hygroscopic.

What kind of gas smells like acetone?

Acetone in the gaseous form (when liquid acetone evaporates).

Is that acetone is an ether?

No. Acetone is a ketone. Acetone is CH3COCH3 Ether is of the type R-O-R

What are the ingredients in Acetone?

Acetone has no ingredients per se. Asking about the ingredients in acetone is like asking what the ingredients in water (H2O) are. If you take any atoms away from the molecule of acetone, it's no longer acetone. The chemical formula for acetone, however, is: (CH3)2 CO.

How many acetone molecules are in a bottle of acetone with a volume of 330 ml?

The number of acetone molecules is 24,843.10e23.

Is vaporization of acetone a physical or chemical change?

Vaporisation of acetone is a physical change, acetone molecules are unaffected.

Will styrofoam put on acetone harden when you put it away from acetone?

Acetone will not make Styrofoam hard. Putting Styrofoam in acetone will dissolve how to do it is easy. Place a bit of acetone into a bowl then put in the Styrofoam in the bowl and it will dissolve away.

What is the solubility of k2so4 in acetone?

K2SO4 is not soluble in acetone.