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What angle is between 90 and 180

What condition has symptoms that include ringing buzzing or roaring in the ears or head

What is the transfer of energy as electromagnetic waves called

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Q: What are energy force power and torque related?
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What is the energy of torque?

Static torque is basically an applied force, but applied about a centre instead of in a straight line. Dynamic torque, such as that produced by an engine, is a force translated from a straight line (piston) to a circular path (crank) and since its a force at a velocity, its rated as power.

What is shaft power and how is it different from torque of a motor?

Fundamentally: power = torque x rpm Power and torque both make noise, but they are different in how they are measured and what they mean. Torque is not related to time. Power is a time-related rate. Most engineers talk about torque when they need to understand how much force is applied from a dead stop. It is force X radial distance. Huge torque may have very little power (in HP or Watts) behind it. Imagine a really strong guy with a really long wrench unfastening a bolt. He can develop lots of torque, but ultimately he can put out very little power (about 1/4 HP or 185 W for humans) over an extended time.

How is torque related to power?

Torque is the cars power, horsepower is only the rate at which the torque is produced.

What is the derivation of Torque and power equation of induction motor?

Torque is the cross product of radius and force .Torque is a twisting effect. Torque is the cross product of radius and force .Torque is a twisting effect.

What is the definition of power as related to physics?

Power is the time rate of change of energy, dE/dt= power= Force x velocity=Fv.

How is energy related to work force and power?

by all having the ability to do work, but some may have the ability to do more or less than energy

What does a dynamometer measure?

A dynamometer is used to measure force, torque or power of a engine. A dynamometer also can measure the torque and power needed to power a given driven machine.

What happen when energy meter when the braking torque is less than the driving torque?

it intial power is low and did not produce much energy

What is rated power of an engine?

Engine power is rated in horsepower and in torque. In simple terms torque is the power that gets things moving and horsepower is the force that keeps things moving.

How are work energy and power related to each other?

In physics terms, work is a force acting through a distance, energy is in the same units as work, and power is work per unit of time.

How is energy related to power?

Energy is related to power in that power is energy per second. The units for power are J/s, otherwise known as a Watt (W).

Why do you have to rev the engine to start up in your zahara?

im not entirely sure, but id assume it would be to build up torque so it can accelerate faster, this is common with most automatic cars, torque is the force of rotation, like push is the force of movement away from the energy source, torque is how many kg/cm2 the engine can create, creating more power and acceleration

A 12 watt gear motor till how much force it can have a ability to rotate and its rpm is 10?

from power= torque*angular speed u can calculate torque and from torque u can find the force if the radius is known.

Is weight different to torque?

Yes, weight is a measurement and torque is power. (just think kinetic energy)

Why the pull up torque is less than starting torque?

at starting or initial stage there is no acceleration,it requires more force or power to move any body during initial stage,where as in running condition,it also requires some force or power whioch is less then the imitial power.hence the starting torque is always > pull up torque

What exactly does a dynamometer measure?

A dynamometer measures force, torque, and power. It can be used to measure the power of an engine.

What is force times length?

force times length is the dimension for Work or Energy or Torque. Some examples are Newton meters (equivalent to Joules), inch pounds, foot pounds. The pounds are pounds force, not pounds mass.

What applies torque in an automobile engine?

To explain this in simple terms, when the spark plug fires, it burns the gas/air mixture. This causes an explosion. The explosion forces the piston down. This forcing the piston down causes the crankshaft, which the piston is connected to, to turn. The turning of the crankshaft creates a turning force. This force or energy is sent to the transmission by way of the torque converter. This torque converter takes this turning power and turns into energy the tranmission can use. In turn the tranmission does its job and it turns the axis. This is what causes the wheels to turn. So the torque itself is created by the downward force of the pistons.

How power and energy are related?

Power is energy expended in a given time.

How are energy time and power related?

energy = power x time

What is the formula of power in term of force?

Assuming you are referring to mechanical energy:Work or energy (work can be thought of as a transfer of energy) is force x distance. Power is energy / time. Thus, power is force x distance / time Which is equivalent to: power is force x speed

What do you measure forces in other then a newton meter?

Pounds is another measure of force, e.g 14.7 pounds per square inch. "Newton meter" is a measure of Energy, Newton is the measure of force. Ft-pound is a measure of energy e.g 3/4 ft-pound =1 Newton meter. This gives Newton = 9/40 Pound = .225 Pound . Torque is the most commonly used application for Newton.metre (Nm) Pounds per square inch is a unit of Pressure ,which has nothing to do with Energy or Torque. Torque is a rotational form of energy. The maximum Torque of a motor of any type is usually specified by the manufacturer. Incidentally, Torque measured in Nm is NOT the same thing as Power. Power is measured in Kilowatt (Kw) or in Watts if it is a very low power motor. We are discussing Engineering terms here, and we need to be sure we understand what we are discussing, and use the correct terms to avoid confusion.

What is power expressed as?

Power is express at force, or energy, or strength

How is power related to energy?

Power is the time derivative of Energy, P=dE/dt.

What are different types engine rating?

Many bits of data relate to an engine's rating.Efficiency (energy in to energy out); power output; torque (the strength of the turning force); weight to power comparison; and so on.