Abusive Relationships and Domestic Violence

What are enviromental factors with living abusive parents?

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Just talk to a counselor about it at school. They can help you out with your parents. :)

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What is the lowest level of enviromental complexity that includes living and nonliving factors?

a community

What are the environmental factors that affects academic performance of a student?

There are many environmental factors that can affect the academic performance of a student. Such factors can include living in an abusive home.

What are living things capable of responding to?

enviromental stimuli

Importance of studying enviromental science?

Enviromental science is the study of how human activities affect earth's land,air,water,and living things.

What enviromental pressures do a shark have?

Sharks have the pressures of food,water,space,and living.

How is biology relate to enviromental science?

because biology compose of the living things . . . !

What are some enviromental factors of rivers and streams?

Biotic and abiotic factors. Biotic being living and abiotic being non-living.Biotic- fish, plants, water bugs, ducks, plants and crayfish.Abiotic- Water, air, sunlight, rocks, oxygen, temperature, current, chemistry, sand, dirt and precipitation. :)

Are biotic factors living?

Biotic - Living factors Abiotic - Non-living factors

What are risk factors for violence?

The rise in households headed by single parents has increased the number of youth living in poverty

How are biotic factors different from abiotic factors?

Biotic factors are living; abiotic factors are non-living.

Are abiotic factors living things?

Biotic factors are living things. Abiotic factors are NOT living things. These factors include temperature and the amount of sunlight.

Living factors in the environment is called?

Living factors in the environment is called biotic factors.

Can a 14 year old move out of parents house?

Only if the parents consent and they are going to another good home (i.e., living with a relative). The 14 year old could also move out if they had abusive parents, in which case they would have to go to an orphanage, foster home or relative until they were 18.

How do kenyas living things respond to enviromental changes?

noone knows they just seem to carry on life

What did Jacques cartier's parents do for a living?

What did Jacques Cartier's parents do for a living?

What are non living factors that affect organism survival called?

Non living factors that affect organism survival are called abiotic factors. Living factors that affect organism survival are called biotic factors.

What are the living and non-living components?

The living components are the biotic factors, and the non-living components are the abiotic factors. The biotic factors include all living things in the ecosystem, and abiotic factors include things like soil, light, and water.

What living and nonliving factors describes a ecosystem?

Biotic and a biotic factors describes a living and non living in an ecosystem.

Living factors in environment?

Biotic Factors

Give the the answer of difference between biotic and abiotic factors?

Abiotic factors are never living biotic factors are living or dead

What are the living and ninliving factors in an organism surroundings called?

A community includes the living and non-living factors in an organism's environment.

How do non living factors affect organisms in a mangrove community?

living and non living factors can affect the mangroves community

What is essential to living things?

The essential to living things is biotic factors. The essential to non-living things is abiotic factors.

How do biotic and abiotic factors affects living things in a given biome?

the biotic and abiotic factors affects living things in a given biome? and the living things a non living things that factors the life is an example of living things...

How do you describe slavery in the southern colonies?

Free labor, poor living conditions, abusive....