What are everyday devices that use magnetic fields?


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  • refrigerator magnets
  • magnetic cabinet latches
  • loudspeakers
  • small DC electric motors
  • credit/debit cards
  • etc.

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A magnetometer detects magnetic fields.

In order to make a magnetic bell you must use magnetic fields. The magnetic fields are used to join to gather as a magnetic.

Homing pigeons are believed to use magnetic fields to direct long distance trips.

Yes mine fields where used but they were magnetic mine fields.

Two devices which use current carrying conductor and magnetic field are microphones and generators.

the magnetic storage devices, use magnetic property of the materials to save data in bits.

no because they use their tongue

perturbation induced in the electric or magnetic fields.

Magnetic and electric fields both store energy. If you can figure out a way to get some energy out of the field, you can use it to do work with. That's Engineering !

There are many animals that are thought to use magnetic fields in their navigation. Birds Tortoises/Turtles Dolphins Probably something they use without actually thinking about it.

Most people do not use magnetic separation in their daily lives. In fact most people can live their entire lives without using magnetic separation.

The attraction/repulsion of appropriate magnetic fields.

One of the ways you can detect the presence of a magnetic field is by the use of a magnetic proximity sensor. They are non-contact proximity devices that are used to detect magnetic objects.

Speakers, microphones, telephones, radios, Etc.

Transformers use fluctuating magnetic fields in order to work. But for a dc circuit, electro magnetic field throughout a circuit is constant. So, we can not use a transformer on a dc circuit.

Penning traps use a strong homogeneous axial magnetic fields to confine particles.

J.J. Thomson studied the deflection of cathode rays in electric and magnetic fields.

There are theories around that some birds can actually detect magnetic fields, which they use to navigate on long migrations.

A generator is tool that converts kinetic energy into electricity, through the use of magnets which is surrounded by magnetic fields. As a magnet starts turning its magnetic fields collide with a coil that surrounds the magnet. Which induces current, which is electricity.

You can make electromagnets out of it. You can make magnetic shielding out of it, for rapidly changing magnetic fields. You can store energy in its field. You can use it to make transformers and motors.

some senses used by animals for migration are visual cues, solar navigation, magnetic fields, star navigation, and polarized light. There has been much evidence that magnetic fields play an important role in navigation.

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