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What are examples of business communication barriers in relation to race or gender?

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2014-09-17 21:53:26

There are a number of barrier to effective business

communication. The audience's needs or level of understand on a

topic may be overlooked. Communication may be done through the

wrong communication channels, such as bulletin boards, memos, or

emails. Sometimes the superiors do not communicate their ideas for

fear that they may be challenged or they may have a lack of

confidence within the employees. It is also known that people

misinterpret messages based on their own emotions, personal

beliefs, or background. An example of a communication barrier with

genders could be: maybe messages start to be communicated on a

bulletin board, the women pay attention to it but the men focus

more on the email communications received, this would be a barrier

because the women take notice to the board while the men may


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