What are examples of cars that are not German made?

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Chevrolet, Dodge, and ford
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Where can you buy a German Bubble Car?

Answer . www.easycarsource.com provide a service where they will find exactly what car you are looking for from anywhere in the World. Maybe you should give them a try.

What are some examples of German poetry?

Erlkönig Erlking von J.W. GoetheTranslation by Hyde Flippo Wer reitet so spät durch Nacht und Wind?Who rides so late through the night and wind?Es ist der Vater mit seinem Kind;It's the father with his child;Er hat den Knaben wohl in dem Arm,He has the boy safe in his arm,Er faßt ihn sic ( Full Answer )

How are cars made?

Cars are an assembly of parts most often from suppliers scattered across the country and often the world. The parts for the cars are made at supplier factories then shipped to the car company's assembly plant where they are assembled into the car you drive. One supplier might make the seats or ot ( Full Answer )

What is the German word for car?

The car is "das Auto" ======= Das Auto is a contraction of the word Automobil (automobile) and although Auto has come to mean car almost exclusively, it is, in fact, in German a generic term for all vehicles propelled by internal combustion engine and designed for the carriage of persons or go ( Full Answer )

What are cars made of?

Most cars are made of steel, cast iron, aluminum, chrome plate, many types of plastic, rubber, glass, paint and copper (wire). Many cars have leather seats and/or steering wheel covers and/or gearshift knobs. Expensive cars sometimes have real wood trim. Super-expensive cars often use carbon f ( Full Answer )

What is a car made out of?

THE body is made outta sometimes plastic or aluminum and rims are made out of aluminum that's mostly new cars the older cars and trucks where heavy metal and didn't bend as easy

German armoured recon cars?

Yes, Germany had them in World War 2, and after the war, and they may still have them (much reconnaissance can now be performed by robots and drones). Some features were later copied by armored cars from other countries, although the French wanted theirs with the biggest guns possible. The German ca ( Full Answer )

What percent of Germans drive a car?

It is estimated that about 88 percent of Germans drive a car. Thisis due to the fact that taxes on fuel are very high in the country.Many Germans prefer to use mas transit instead.

Can you name a 1945 German car?

Though historically German did not have a reputation for buildingcars, one was created In 1945 which was the first Volkswagenbeetle.

Where did the German car industry develop and why?

The car industry itself, originated in Germany with Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler in the 1880's with the invention of the first Mercedes Benz. The firm Benz & Cie was founded in October of 1883 in a German town named Mannheim, shortly after that DMG (Daimler- Motoren-Gesellschaft) was formed (Novem ( Full Answer )

Is Bugatti a German car?

Currently Bugatti is owned by VW, which is German, so Bugatti is 100% German built, but Bugatti is not originated in Germany, so is it German?, you decide..

What is a famous German car?

The most famous of all German cars was "Der Silberpfeil" . It was a Mercedes racing car that dominated the world for many years.. There are numerous German brands that are famous:. Volkwagen . Audi . BMW . Mercedes Benz

What are 3 German made cars?

Audi, BMW, Maybach, Mercedes, Opel, Porsche, Smart, and VW I canthink of at the moment . Audi & VW are part of the same group - though you might notthink so if you had to buy for an Audi a replacement part identicalon both, and compared the prices if you bought it in a VW-labelledcarton! Opel is pa ( Full Answer )

What is car made of?

Cars manufacturers use many different materials to build today's vehicles. Most cars use high-strength steels across the body and may include an aluminum hood, plastic side mirrors, chrome trim and rubber gaskets. Fiberglass, frp(fiber reinforced plastic), c6 corvettes had balsa wood in the floor, m ( Full Answer )

When where cars made?

The first practical automobile was invented and produced in Germanyby Karl Benz in 1885. They have been built ever since.

The first German car?

The first German car made and patented was actually the first working car made. It was called the Motorwagen, and was created by Karl Benz, who started Mercedes-Benz. The first car to be made officially was a steam-driven cannon mover made in the 1700's, but the car did not work and crashed.

What can cars be made of?

Cars were traditionally made out of steel and aluminum, but it is much more common to see cars with an abundance of fiberglass or plastic body panels.

Is Saab a German car?

Saab are Swedish. They are based in Trolhaten, Sweden and produce most of there cars there. Saab were a Swedish aeroplain company and standed for S venska A eroplan A ktie b olaget or in English, Swedish Aeroplain company limited. At the end of WW2 they decided to start building cars. The car com ( Full Answer )

What is the fastest German car?

The Bugatti Veyron would technically be the fastest production German car, since the company that produces it is owned by Volkswagen.

How many car manufactures are German?

Only 8 of them are actually sold outside of Germany: Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Opel, Audi, Mini, BMW, Volkswagen, and Smart. There are easily a hundred or two more sold only in Germany.

Why German cars so unreliable?

There not unreliable BMW is the most reliable then VW,Audi thenmercedes and the only one thats unreliable is OPEL

What are facts about German cars?

German cars are among the most well-built automobiles in the world. Two very famous German automakers are BMW and Mercedes. German cars show their speeds in kilometers. Two very famous carmakers are BMW and Mercedes

What are examples of Germanic languages?

West Germanic = German, Dutch, English, Afrikaans, Yiddish, Yola (extinct branch of middle English) North Germanic = Danish, Swedish, Norwegian East Germanic (extinct branch) = Vandalic, Burgundian, Crimean Gothic. See the links below for more information.

Why do Germans make the best cars?

Germans, do not nesceserraly make the best cars, but they do make great cars, because they use quality materials, and tunes great engines. Germans do not make extremely good cars, but if you compare them to American and Asian cars, sure Audi and BMW is awesome, but it comes with a price..

What cars do germans drive?

German Brands Germany is the third largest manufacturer of cars in the world & according to the German Way website. Volkswagen, BMW, Porsche, Opel, Mercedes-Benz and Audi are manufactured in Germany. Top Sellers According to the European Traveler website, the top-selling cars in German in 2009 wer ( Full Answer )

What type of cars do Germans drive?

German Brands Germany is the third largest manufacturer of cars in the world & according to the German Way website. Volkswagen, BMW, Porsche, Opel, Mercedes-Benz and Audi are manufactured in Germany. Top Sellers According to the European Traveler website, the top-selling cars in German in 2009 ( Full Answer )

Is the bugatti a German car?

It was designed and developed by the German Volkswagon Group, and it was built in France and named after a french guy.

Who is the early German car maker?

Volkswagen. Volkswagen is one of the biggest car makers in the world they havebought many car companies. They own Bugatti which is the mostexpensive and the fastest car in the world!

WHAt cars are made of?

First you have got metal then plastic then carbon fibre then mcdonalds then sumthing like that lol no sum 1 edit this post by Sally-ann Pearson x

How do cars affect the German economy?

I know for a fact that German teens who are eligible to get their licenses and cars are holding off until it is most neccessary. They are saving their money for future investments. I'm guessing that the more urban areas of Germany are doing the same, as well as the older part of these communities.

Is VW jetta a German car?

Yes it's a German car. But they could be assembled in: Germany, Wolfsburg Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo Mexico, Puebla South Africa, Uitenhage

What is an example of the future tense in German?

Ich werde etwas machen. However Germans don't use what we call the future tense in this sense as it brings doubt in to the question. It it enough to just use a time expression in the sentence- Morgen mache ich etwas.

Is Honda a german car?

Honda is a Japanese company, cars are built in other countries such as Belgium, England, Brazil, The USA, Turkey and New Zealand

How do you made a car?

You will need the following; Chasis Engine fuel system brake system cooling system engine harness body panels interior parts suspension tires electrical system . http://www.4wheelonline.com/atv/ATV-UTV-Plows.107919.

What are some models of German cars?

The 1957 German Trabant is one of Germany's most liked car models, despite facing initial criticism for its crude design. Yet the Trabant did not survive the test of time and is now merely a collectors item for the automobile enthusiast or historian.

What car type is not German-audivolvomercedes?

Volvo. The marque is Swedish. The heavy equipment, marine diesel,and heavy duty truck manufacturer Volvo and the car company Volvoare not one in the same... the car company split off from AB Volvoin 1999, and was subsequently acquired by Ford. It was sold to theChinese holding company Geely in 2010. ( Full Answer )

Is mini a German car?

The original Mini was British. The new Mini is made in Britain by aGerman company, a subsidiary of BMW.

What is German silver an example of?

Nickel silver, German silver, Argentan, new silver, nickel brass,albata, alpacca of steel sheet metal; for example, the famousRolls-Royce Silver Ghost of 1907.